IL Wine Distributors, Politicians and the Amazing Talking Butt

"There’s no record (of underage mail-order sales) because there’s no
enforcement" in the mail-order market. "But we know it happens. Anyone
can go on-line and order it . . . and get next-day delivery."

BILL OLSEN, VP Associated Beer Distributors of Ohio.

"I’ve never looked into it and I can’t give you facts and figures, but we know minors are buying wine on the Internet."

TERRY LINK, Rep. Illinois Legislature and Sponsor of HB3450

so this is what it has come to. They know it happens, they just don’t
have any record of it, any proof of it, or even any slight indication
of it.

other words, in their attempt to stop consumers from buying wine
directly from wineries Illinois politicians and the states wholesalers
are talking out their ass.

I interviewed Rep. Link yesterday. I
asked him if any Illinois wineries had been consulted prior to his
signing on to this proposed law: "No, but I’m willing to talk to anyone.

one thing this all surely indicates is that the bill before the
Illinois legislature to remove shipping privileges from all wineries in
the U.S. that had existed for years and to remove the right of Illinois
wineries to sell direct to retailers and restaurants is a pure creation
of the Wholesalers and payback for donations by the politicians.

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