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The world of wine blogs really is exploding. I took some time very recently to see just what kind of wine-oriented blogging has emerged. The numbers are daunting.

That said, very few actually are compelling. Few flesh out the essence like Vinography, deliver irreverent detail like Basic Juice, offer studied commentary like Blog Au Vin, throw a wide and varied net like Cincinnati Wine Warehouse, or dig down deep into the wine like Wine Waves.

Yet, the wine blogs keep a’comin.

The one I found that I think has the most potential is WALK THE WINE. The writing is good. The topics so far covered tell a story. And the links outside the stories are intriguing. Success will come, if the posts come regularly. In the mean time, give JD at Walk The Wine some traffic and check him out. The potential is there.

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  1. Nancy Bentley - January 17, 2006

    The Cincinnati Wine Warehouse helped us establish our blog… can I get it added to the list? Thank you.
    Nancy Bentley
    Kinkead Ridge Estate Winery
    Ripley, Ohio
    The blog is at

  2. JD - January 18, 2006

    Thanks for the plug. I also appreciate the other recommendations. I’m still getting my arms around what’s out there, and these are definitely great blogs. Thanks again, and I’m going to be expanding my blogroll as well.

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