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I had hoped to take more shots of this year’s event, but as usual I got involved in tasting and talking. However, a few were taken.


This was early…when the crowd was..small.


The crowd grows and grows and grows


Darryl Roberts, Publisher of Wine X Magazine hosted the Jelly Belly Tasting bar. Combine different beans, shoot them all at once, chew for 20 seconds, then experience the taste of Zin from different regions. Darryl is actually a very shy, restrained guy.


FERMENTATION publisher trying to figure out how to combine the right beans to create a a "Sonoma Valley Zinfandel".


One of the few "Bald Guys" at this year’s Zap Tasting. A big change from previous year’s event.


See that drip on the wine info sheet? I did that.


Your reporter going through the Ravenswood 04 Barrel Samples. The "Old Hill" and "Teldeschi" were beautiful.


That "Doe in the Headlights" look that overtakes many a pourer at ZAP.

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  1. peaches - January 31, 2006

    You’re very handsome.

  2. UK Website Design Company - August 29, 2009

    We must say that all the people enjoyed too much along with you.

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