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The most common wine blogs are those that offer tasting notes and reviews. This makes sense. After all, the most common interaction people have with wine is….tasting it. So that’s going to be the most common theme in any publication, on or off line, that deals with wine.

Yet, the wine blogs that do a really good job in reviewing and writing about blogs are few and far between. You know who you are…

That said it’s always nice to see find a blog that does a very good job of reviewing wine. And I found one I was unaware of previously:


Yes, it reviews Pinot Noirs. But the quality of the writing, the personal insights that come from the blog, and the context that is included in the reviews make PinotLand a very good read and a very good tool.

As with many of the blogs I find and enjoy, one of my complaints with Pinotland is that they simply don’t post often enough. Also, I can’t find much information about who the person is that is writing this sharp looking wine blog. Nevertheless, it earns a place on the FERMENTATION Blogroll and in my RSS Reader.

Take a look. Enjoy the reviews of Pinots from around the globe…and maybe leave a message encouraging more reviews

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