Now THIS is rare wine!

I just get downright excited when I see something like this.

Andrew Lane Wines has released a 2004 Napa Valley Gamay Noir. Do you know how rare this wine is? Charles Sullivan, the California wine industry’s unofficial historian, notes that there are no more than two acres of this grape reportedly planted in California…both in Napa Valley.

Gamay Noir, also known as "Gamay Noir a jus blanc" is the grape responsible for that potentially very yummy, very refreshing very summerish wine from France we all know as "Beaujolais". In California you might find a wine called "Gamay Beaujolais" but this wine is actually made from a clone of Pinot Noir. Alternatively you might find a wine called "Napa Gamay" which is actually another name for Valdiguie.

What Andrew Lane is selling is the real Beaujolais knock off

The Andrew Lane folk describe the wine this way:
"When you taste this delicious wine, your palate is flooded with a mouthful
of juicy red cherries. We believe that wine should be fun.  This fruit expresses a
delicate and exciting vibrancy uncommon in Napa Valley, offering a true
‘new world’ feel."

And this all brings me to a point. The truly interesting thing about wine, the thing that engages us mentally as well as seduces our senses is the idea of trying something new, something uncommon, something unique. Well, the 2004 Andrew Lane Gamay Noir, at $19, is truly something unique.

I’m going to buy me some right now.   If you want to you can call Andrew Lane at 707-815-3501.

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  1. WhistlingWench - May 2, 2006

    Ah, truly rare CA wine selling for under $1000?!? Screagle must look at this as a missed marketing opportunity 😉 Thumbs up to Andrew Lane for making the wine.

  2. Lenn - May 2, 2006

    Tom…this wine is not only’s damn tasty.
    Wrote about it on WineSediments a while back:

  3. Not the only one - May 9, 2006

    Actually, Edmunds St. John has been making a true gamay noir for a few vintages now.

  4. Andy Brandt - May 12, 2006

    There is at least an acre of Gamay Noir in the foothills – maybe 2 or 3.

  5. Rich History - May 20, 2006

    The Andrew Lane Gamay (Beaujolais) is grown at the base of Mt. St. Helena, 30,000 year old soil and 50+ year old vines…. a far cry from said, (recently planted) El Dorado fruit. A runway favorite, it is agreed that Andrew Lane is probably the finest Gamay Noir produced in North America going back to the mid- 1980’s gargiste movement. Even Duboef himself blessed the property during the Valdigue noise of the early ’80’s…. Just Du it!(props to the grower for not pulling the vines) HISTORY: Charles Krug received a gold medal in the Worlds Fair for a Napa Gamay in 1948, preceding the famous 1976 Paris tasting by over 20- years…this put Napa Valley on the map globally….following the award, Gamay became one of the most abundant grapes in Napa Valley, offering a fresh bing cherry vs. the dried cherry often found in pinot noir. After all, what is more American than cherry? Peacock feathers, hot tubs and Gamay Beaujolais in Marin county marked the peak of its popularity in the 70’s and we expect this trend to continue with the rise of Pinot Noir.

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