Viagra, Viognier and Good Wine Blogging

Here’s a relatively new wine blogger that is really hitting their stride:


What I’m liking most about her blog and what caused me to get it on my Bloglines Reader is the character of her writing. Let’s face it, most reviews of wine on blogs and elsewhere are pretty much the same. With exceptions, they bore me to tears. Genevelyn’s reviews however make me READ. Make me read and I’ll follow you, even into the world of Virginian-made Vidal Blanc…or, the connection between wine and Viagra:

"One thing about viognier, it has a dipsy doodle nose. The wine can
smell so honeyed you’d expect a glass of something poured from a
bear-shaped bottle, but still drink bone dry. Or, viognier can smell
like cashews, but taste like fruit cocktail syrup. Viognier is the Bob
Dole of white wines: unpredictable, but smart. Sometimes a winner,
sometimes a loser, but always a little different(and willing to not
take itself too seriously. Viagra, anyone?)"

GenevelynSteelSwallows appears to have been launched late last year. The content is eclectic, sometimes rambling, always interesting and the posts are pretty consistent.

Go Read It!

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