The big newspaper north of San Francisco is the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. As you might imagine being published smack dab in the middle of wine country they do a great job of covering the wine industry.

One of their best reporters on wine-related events, Virginie Boone, has jumped into the world of Wine Blogs with her new  WINEABOUT Blog.

Virginie follow a path trodden other writers and journalists who have taken up wine blogging that include Eric Asimov of the NY Times, Tricia Colianne of the Akron Beacon Journal, Mark Fisher of the Dayton Daily News and Jon Bonne of MSNBC.

Being based in wine country should make Virginie’s blog a must read. Being a journalist she also will have access to information the mere mortal wine bloggers don’t.

To begin with she has offered some insight to the goings on at Napa’s recent TASTE 3 conference. Among the insights is the intriguing conversation started by Leo McCloskey of Enologix who suggested that wine industry needs a new kind of rating system along the lines of the Bordeaux Grand Cru system.

You wonder sometimes if journalists who get into blogging will just deliver "left overs" while the real interesting stuff gets into their other medium. From what I can tell this hasn’t been the case at all. In fact, what’s real nice is that often times these journalists’ blogs are even more interesting because oftentimes the blog entries can be more detailed and well analyzed than the stories that are written for the mass market.


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