Where’s the Wine (post)?

Did anyone notice that there was no post on Fermentation yesterday? (I hope so)

I did. In fact, it was the first time in more than two years in which nothing was posted at Fermentation on a week day when I wasn’t on a vacation.

One thing I know is that  good blog, wine or otherwise centered, is consistent and delivers content on a regular basis. But what does it mean when you lie down at night and feel guilty that you didn’t post anything?

The answer is that this feeling of guilt is a good thing, at least for me. It means that the commitment and motivation that first propelled me into this sphere is still with me. It means there is a healthy respect here for those who have chosen to grace this page with their eyeballs and minds.

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  1. lagramiere - September 26, 2006

    So true! I noticed, but I thought you probably deserved a bit of a break! I too, feel guilty when there’s a gap in posting, though I am nowhere near as prolific as you are. Sometimes, in my case though, there’s just not enough to say, and it’s not good to blather on about something just for the sake of posting.
    Don’t feel guilty Tom you post more often than anyone else out there!

  2. Paul Mabray - September 26, 2006

    We did miss your post yesterday and almost called 911. The whole Inertia office are regular readers.

  3. Alfonso - September 26, 2006

    thanks for burning bright and lighting the way ahead.

  4. steve - September 26, 2006

    What does it mean? Nothing, except you really should do something to relieve the pressure in your giant noggin.

  5. Fredric Koeppel - September 26, 2006

    wondered where you were.

  6. Mike Duffy - September 26, 2006

    That’s the mark of a “significant” blog, Tom. Your readers miss you immediately. Congratulations – you’re officially a significant force in the wine world!

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