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  1. WineBoy! - October 24, 2006

    Seems to me that “the real estate bubble” affects Napa as well. Don’t know how relevant it is , but farm land (irrigable land) in New Mexico can be bought for $1400 an acre in some places still. Having said that it’s still very expensive (in my country state of mind) to buy land and grow grapes here. I think the real estate crash is coming nationwide.

  2. caveman - October 25, 2006

    i dig him as well.

  3. Saint_Vini - October 25, 2006

    Thanks for the props Tom (and a big kiss to you too Bill/Caveman). Its interesting that vineyard land values are often counter cyclical to home values – vineyards were flat during most of the recent home-value runup here in California. I think the levers of vineyard value are pretty different from those affect home values and I don’t think vineyard values are primed for the same bubble effect.

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