Have a Glass of Zin and Vote Your Conscience

I was watching the political talking heads this morning as I ran through the Sunday papers. And I started thinking, to what degree does it matter if the Republicans or Democrats control congress after the November elections.

As always there are local ballot initiatives that speak to the issue of wine, such as in Massachusetts where some folks seem think that selling wine in a grocery store might end up being the death knell of civilization as we know it. Yet from a national perspective I’m not sure there’s much at stake. Furthermore, support for or against wine doesn’t really break on party lines. There is a Congressional Wine Caucus, but it too is fairly bipartisan.

It’s rare to see wine issue’s come up on congress’ radar. The last time we had any significant wine legislation came after 9/11 when congress passed a bill allowing wine to be shipped back to your home state after visiting a wine. But that’s about it. The 21st amendment pretty much put wine and alcohol related matters in the states’ hands except when the pesky commerce clause is involved.

So, it appears you are free to vote your conscience this November without having to take wine into account.


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