Wine Country Gossip: Weekend edition

Fermentation has spies everywhere.

We learned today that Sir Mick Jagger took a swing into Napa Valley last night to dine at the Mich 3-star French Laundry. Thomas Keller, owner of the French Laundry was on hand for the visit from Jagger.

Jagger was seen in the company of his current object of appreciation, L’Wren Scott.

Concerned that he was in Napa Valley, Jagger apparently pointed out to the sommelier that he wanted to drink California wine, not French. (Good call, Mick!)

However, upon being presented with a local Gewurztraminer, Mick, according to our spy, protested thatFrenchl
he  wanted a wine from Napa, NOT Europe. Apparently being thrown off by the German looking word "Gewurztraminer," It was kindly explained to the English Rock n Roll icon that they make Gewurztraminer in California too. With that explanation Mick apparantly got satisfaction.

It was further overheard by spies that Mick had a bit of a problem with the the Laundry’s signature dish "Oysters and Pearls", an inspired combining of oyster and caviar served on warm savory pearl tapioca custard. It seems the idea of eating tapioca wasn’t to his liking. Yet, somehow it found its way past his lips.

If you’ve got any good wine-related gossip please let us know. We always keep our sources confidential. (wow…this gossip stuff is fun….You don’t have to say anything of substance. Just throw up some photos and mention where some notables were and what they ate! I wonder if "" is available.)

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  1. Mike Duffy - October 14, 2006

    My approach to the Laundy has always been to just eat whatever arrives. It’s always been tasty, even when the description might have been off-putting (and I’m no fan of tapioca under normal circumstances).

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  3. bar nothing - October 15, 2006

    I am curious which winery made the Gewurtz he ordered.

  4. Mark - October 16, 2006

    Hey, Tom, leave the printing of rumors and gossip to us REAL mainstream journalists, willya?

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