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Joe Dressner: The Wine Importer

Some time ago in an on-line forum I can’t recall, Joe Dressner called me names and impuned my integrity. I just can’t remembery why or what he actually said what he said. All I know is I keep going back to his blog to read what he has to say because it’s entertaining as hell.

I don’t know how long Dressner has been posting his thoughts, tidbits and observations from his importer’s-eye-view of things but it’s a lot longer than I have, that’s for sure.

Dressner is tireless in promoting his portfolio of brands at the blog, and that’s a good thing because he does it with the strangest combination of enthusiasm, authenticity, humor and irony. But it’s not just a parade of Dressner-imported wine talk. He’s got lots to say on a number of subjects. Sometimes I’m not exactly sure if his posts are honest or just there for the fun of it. Last month he announced he’d be holding a VIP discussion event with wine writer Alice Feiring…"on the Northwest Corner of Bond Street and Lafayette Street on Thursday, September 14th from 2:15 pm through 3:00 pm." Huh? Whatever…I’d have gone.

Dressner’s "The Wine Importer" is a must read.

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  1. Alfonso - October 4, 2006

    Maybe you ought to invite Lou Dressner and Matt Kramer to the corner of Martin Street and Arnold Drive for some good old fashioned smack-down sumo-style “must wrestling”
    I’d take a flight in to see that!

  2. jamie g - November 2, 2006

    The picture on Dressner’s blog is never him. It’s his sense of humour to rotate this with stiffly posed pictures of other people.

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