American Wine Blog Awards Judges: Cyril Penn

In addition to being smack in the middle of the wine trade where he has a view of nearly every issue that affects the industry and consumers, Cyril Penn is also an editor. What all that means is that he sets the tone at the most important American wine trade publication for how a team of writers will cover the issues that affect the wine industry.  It made him an obvious choice as a judge in the American Wine Blog Awards.

Cyril has been the Editor-in-Chief of Wine Business Monthly, Wine Business Insider and since 2000. It’s a huge job. One of the things I’ve admired about this group of publications and Cyril’s direction of them is that they approach stories about how to clean a stainless steel wine tank every bit as seriously as a story on the implications of a multi million dollar winery buy out. That’s Cyril’s doing.

Cyril has been in journalism for 20 years. Before beginning to write about wine in 1998 he covered business issues for a variety of publication and specialized in covering the energy industry.

What he brought to the American Wine Blog Awards was a keen journalistic sense, an keeen idea of what is news, how best to cover it and a practiced editor’s eye. We should not forget that while blogs are personal efforts for the most part, they are also journalistic efforts.

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    you are an incredible drummer and wine judge

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