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Jun 15, 2015

The Annual Wine Blog Filter Is Announced

Finalists in the Wine Blog Awards have been announced and public voting is open. What’s notable about this year’s crop of finalists is the relatively high number of new blogs that have never showed up at this point in the process. Another way of putting it is that many of the “old guard” that have often appeared as nominees over the past several years have been eclipsed by a new crop of writers. {{{{PLEASE GO INVESTIGATE THE NOMINEES AND VOTE!}}}}…

May 27, 2015

The Cynic Vs the Wine Bloggers

The Hosemaster of Wine, the wine industry’s real curmudgeon, believes it’s time for professional wine writers (Karen McNeil in Particular) to deliver to wine bloggers a very specific message: “You aren’t any good at what you do and you are unworthy of respect.” The Hosemaster imagines Karen McNeil addressing the coming Wine Bloggers Conference in this fashion: “Even if it is what you want to be, I’ve read most of the nominated and award-winning wine blogs, and you don’t have…

Jul 22, 2014

Wine Bloggers and Their Awards Deserve a Change

This blog was recently honored with “Best Industry/Business Wine Blog” at the 2014 Wine Blog Awards. That achievement made me very proud. I’ve spent nearly a decade working fairly diligently at FERMENTATION. In many ways spending almost a decade pondering, writing and generally getting stuff off my chest keeps me sane and centered. Along those lines of writing and pondering, and to a degree staying sane, I have some ideas about The Wine Blog Awards, and particularly how I think…

Jun 16, 2014

The Best Wine Blogs Published Today

We still have very little idea just how much of wine media consuming public get information through blogs, versus professional, business publications. Comparing my own readership with the various forms of web monitoring services, I remain unconvinced that any of the services are very accurate. As a wine publicist interested in the readership of various media outlets, the readership of individual blogs interests me. And it interests other publicists, advertisers, and wine companies who look to media to help spread…

May 15, 2013

Sifting Through the Wine Media: A Slog With Rewards

I’m regularly evaluating the value and utility of the food and wine media (all of it) as a function of my career as a wine publicist and on behalf of clients. Also, the sixth annual Wine Bloggers Conference is coming up soon in June. The Wine Blog Awards finalists will also be announced soon. Finally, I recently learned that no one reads wine blogs anymore. So, you’ll understand why I have been recently thinking a bit more seriously about the…

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