The Annual Wine Blog Filter Is Announced

WBA_logo_rotatorFinalists in the Wine Blog Awards have been announced and public voting is open. What’s notable about this year’s crop of finalists is the relatively high number of new blogs that have never showed up at this point in the process. Another way of putting it is that many of the “old guard” that have often appeared as nominees over the past several years have been eclipsed by a new crop of writers.


With the proliferation of new and varied voices writing about wine (allowed because the financial and technological barriers to entry are so low) what we need is a good filter for the deluge of voices. That’s exactly what the Wine Blog Awards are and have been.

And yet, despite the need for filters to help us find the good stuff, we also—we wine readers—want to encourage even more voices to throw their blog into the ring. We hope for the discovery of a new source of insight that makes us think more deeply about wine and asks us to discover a new avenue to wine fulfillment. This is one of the reasons we value the Wine Blog Awards. The 2015 crop of finalists is a particularly nice blend of new and established.


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