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wbaWe still have very little idea just how much of wine media consuming public get information through blogs, versus professional, business publications. Comparing my own readership with the various forms of web monitoring services, I remain unconvinced that any of the services are very accurate. As a wine publicist interested in the readership of various media outlets, the readership of individual blogs interests me. And it interests other publicists, advertisers, and wine companies who look to media to help spread their brand messaging.

The Wine Blog Awards, now in their 8th year, are not a way of determining which wine blogs receive the most readership. However, they are a way to help identify those wine blogs that are higher quality than others, those blogs with serious writers and publishers behind them and those blogs likely to attain higher than average readership.

The Finalists in nine categories of the Wine Blog Awards were named last week. As we speak, the public as well as judges are voting for the winners. The public voting will continue through June 19th—Thursday. VOTE HERE.

I’m honored to be nominated in the “Best Industry Blog” category. I hope I win for two reasons: It’s a compliment I relish and it will bring more eyeballs to this blog. More importantly, my hope is that the Wine Blog Awards draw more attention to the world of wine blogging.

What I want to draw your attention to is the finalists in the Best Writing Category. They consist of

This is a very impressive group of blogs and the writers behind them are very good, each capable of being outstanding additions to any professional, moneymaking wine publication—many of the writers behind these blogs have in fact written professionally. I encourage you to look at these blogs closely to get a sense of where the really good work is being done in the wine blogging world.

More importantly, I encourage you to vote before Thursday, to add your critical voice to the process of identifying those blogs and those writers who deserve our attention.



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  1. Jameson Fink - June 17, 2014


    Thank you for the kudos and sending some new folks my way.



  2. 1winedude - June 22, 2014

    Tom, I think it’s beyond question that I’m a champion of both the wbas and citizen wife blogging in general. So the following should be viewed with that in mind.

    There are signs regarding the wbas that should have us concerned. Few are talking about the awards outside of the group of finalists. That group includes at least one website run by someone who does not have a favorable reputation among prominent and well respected wine pros on the east coast, effectively completely undermining the validity of the wbas for that group out here (we can discuss that privately in more detail,I don’t want to get into the indelicate aspects of that conversation here). The omissions are kind of startling, as well. Sui while the awards do a good job of highlighting up and comers in the space, they can’t seem to get ahead of their challenges in terms of being taken more seriously, and in my view the time is right for a bit of an overhaul, including getting sponsorship behind the awards.

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  4. Samantha Dugan - July 1, 2014

    I think everything you need to know about the awards is, ironically, summed up in the comments here….

  5. Samantha Dugan - July 2, 2014

    Okay, could have been before you deleted the 9 spam comments!

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