Thinking on Grapes, Jimmy Carter, Racism and Pinot Gris

There’s something about good, solid, honest passion for the subject matter that can take a blog a long way. Combine that with thoughtfulness and a dab of keen insight and all of a sudden you’ve got something that I find really attractive.

That’s what I’m finding at, a blog by Ruarri that I noticed when they were kind enough to mention this blog in a recent post. It has been up and running for about 4 months.

GrapeThinking appears to be ambitious enough to not just write and explore wine but evangelize on its behalf:

"Wine is profoundly important in a way most of us can’t imagine. Reasons
being: wine inhabits the same realm as literature and art. Literature
and art are the only two things that separate man from beast."

But what I’m finding compelling mostly is the breadth of topic matter that gets explored here. In not too short a time I cam across a post that speak to racism and bigotry, Jimmy Carter, and your standard Pinot Gris. While I like this diversity, wouldn’t it be fun to read the post that brings all these topics together?  Maybe Not.

It’s a a very good wine blog I’m ashamed I’ve not noticed earlier.

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  1. Jacob Bohall - February 24, 2007

    Tom, It’s great to hear you have found and enjoy our blog. We are extremely passionate about wine, not only for its history of bringing people together, but for what we feel the future of wine will bring.
    Thanks for stopping by, it means a lot to us that you posted about GrapeThinking. We look forward to your comments and insight.

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