The Road To Justice

The man accussed of setting fire to a warehouse filled with great wine and causing well over $250,000,000 in damage pled not guilty yesterday in a Sacramento courtroom

It appears that Mark Anderson is using a public defender rather than a private defense attorney. Hmmm?

He has until April 6 to post a $500,000 bond.

This whole episode still makes me sick.Fire1pic

But on another point, a semantic one, I found it interesting how the Associated Press story on Anderson that ran in what seems like every paper in America yesterday identified Anderson as a "Wine Keeper".

I’ve never heard that term used before. I’ve heard "Bee Keeper" and "Keeper of the Watch and "Finder Keeper." But never "Wine Keeper". The story only identifies Anderson as a person who was "paid to store wine". Wouldn’t that make him a "wine store" rather than a "wine keeper"? I always thought of a "wine keeper" as a 2004 Saintsbury Brown Ranch Pinot Noir or a 1974 Heitz Martha’s Vineyard Cabernet.

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