Concocting a Plan to Return to Heaven

What about those folks who, for whatever reason, find themselves consuming great wine day after day and night after night for an extended period of time. What happens to the folks who become accustomed to a lavish style of drinking over a period where every Pinot is perfect, the Cabernet is aways complex and dense, the Chardonnay continually crisp and detailed and the Rioja always revelatory rather than their wine being average or merely interesting? What happens to these folks when their gravy train comes to a halt?

I bet it takes them a bit of getting used to, a bit of time to re-integrate themselves into the real wine world. But since it seems absurd to suggest one should not embrace the opportunity to drink really really well for an extended period of time knowing you’ll have to come back to reality, the challenge must be to devise a plan to address the disappointment of returning to a life among mortals.

Some folks who find themselves returning to reality after a stint in wine heaven (or any heaven for that matter) attempt to devise a plan entirely focused on returning to their temporary heaven on a permanent basis. For example, if they’ve spent a time drinking nothing but great wine they look to get into the wine business where they presume great wines flow like water over the falls. Another example would be, say, someone who spends time luxuriating in a combination of sun and tequila on the Yucatan Peninsula starts looking at real estate there and wonders if anyone there needs an PR Help.

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  1. Fredric Koeppel - April 17, 2007

    So, old boy, you’re de-pressurizing and it aint a pretty experience. You must have had a fantastic time. Sorry reality is now hitting you in the face.

  2. Edward - April 17, 2007

    I usually find the idea that my wife might see my credit card statement enough to reframe the mind and the palate. . .

  3. el jefe - April 17, 2007

    se habla espanol?

  4. Randy - April 18, 2007

    So, I’m wondering if this is some analogy for something.
    It’s funny how themes like this come up around the same time. I was just discussing with The Boss why it is that we blaze through *very* expensive bottles of wine. Recently, I’ve been experimenting with going down to the local market and buying cheap French imports (I don’t want to say what, because then you’ll go clean out the Glen Ellen Market and I’ll be left with nothing).
    Of course, it turns out that some of these are fantastic bottles of wine and cost 1/2 to 1/3 less than what we’re currently drinking (mostly because we buy wine locally, and you know how expensive that can be). I actually suggested to The Boss, “why don’t we go buy cheap wine that’s awesome and *sell* the wine we have on hand? We’d MAKE money!”
    But it’s like steering the Titanic. Oh well, good cheap wine does abound (just not the Two-Buck-Chuck at TJ’s), and I’ll keep working on the lifestyle change for us.
    As for whether folks in the Yucatan need PR help: dude, *everyone* needs PR help, they may just not realize it yet.

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