Gawking the Awards

I like Awards. I think it’s because I’m a gawker. But also, these thins often point to real talent and alert me to things and people I need to pay attention to. Recently the James Beard Awards were announced. They are the food and wine world’s equivilent of the Oscars. Folks get dressed up, attend the ceremony, get their awards and even have to back stage photos taken of them in front of a board that splashes "James Beard Foundation" into the camera.

As you may recall Tyler Colman of Dr. Vino’s Wine Blog was nominated in the Best Website category. Tyler did not win. But the man was there. It was very encouraging to see a blogger up there. Maybe next years Tyler or another great blogger will get the award. For now, here are wine related winners of this year’s awards:

Best Wine & Spirits Book

by: Alan Tardi
St. Martin’s Press

Best Magazine Writing on Wine, Spirits or Beer
Fiona Morrison, MW
Wine & Spirits Magazine

Best Multi-Media Writing
Edward Deitch Mobile
On the Trail of Great California Syrah

Best Newspaper Section
Miriam Morgan and  Jon Bonne
San Francisco Chronicle

Best Newspaper Writing on Wine, Beer or Spirits
Eric Felten
The Wall Street Journal
He Drinks, She Drinks


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  1. The Wine Cynic - May 9, 2007

    The Wine Cynic says: Smell the Glove…

  2. marisa d'vari - May 10, 2007

    I was rooting for Dr. Vino, too. And incredibly, I was naive enough to send in my check for $100 to the Beard Foundation along with an application in the belief I, an earnest little blogger relying on my own Internet skills, could “win” when it turns out the big online magazines were in the running with their large staffs, content, and so forth. Well, the Beard Foundation is a great organization and the money will be well used. Still, maybe next year they can have a category not just for small wine blogs, but also for people who rely on their own skills and content.

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