Middle Aged Males & the Fermentation Wine Blog

The results of the recent "Meaning of Wine Blogs" survey held at this blog will be released here soon. However, in a run up to that I need to talk about what the survey represents. Actually, I mean to say WHO the survey represents.

Let’s look at the demographic data of those who took the survey.


82% male
18% female

8%—Over 60


4%—Under $25K
17%—Over 200K


4%—High School
7%—Junior College
49%—Bachelors Degree
35%—Post Grad Degree


What you are looking at is good snapshot of the FERMENTATION Reader: Greater than average education and income, mainly male, just south of middle aged and likely to work in or around the wine industry.

What’s interesting is if I look at the demographics of survey takers based on whether or not they identified themselves as working in the wine industry or not, there is very little differences between the two groups. What I think this means is…A wine geek is a wine geek, regardless of whether or not they work in the world of geekdom.

Is this overall profile of the FERMENTATION blog reader very similar to the average wine blog reader? I do think it’s different, but not hugely different. I’d guess that the average wine blog reader is younger than my reader, has a slightly lower income and perhaps less likely to have a Post Graduate degree. And of course, the average wine blog reader is less likely to work in the wine business than the FERMENTATION reader.

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  1. Derrick Schneider - July 18, 2007

    I prefer to think of my age group as “adulthood” and not “just south of middle age.” Yikes.
    Also, I noted that I work in the wine industry. I do, of course, but it’s not my full-time job. I took the question at face value.

  2. Tom Wark - July 18, 2007

    I’d put you as working in the wine industry insofar as you write about wine. What I’m looking for with that question is how intimately the person is connected to wine.
    I sort of like “adulthood” better myself.

  3. Dr. Debs - July 18, 2007

    As a slightly north of of middle age, female, non-wine biz reader, I can’t wait for the full survey results. The teasers are killing me–and please don’t wait until Friday. My Friday is booked waiting for Harry Potter.
    I would like to think I get a better gender balance on my blog, but I’ve never asked. Maybe I need to do a poll, too? I certainly get more comments from women than you do, based on anecdotal evidence, but that doesn’t mean I have more women readers.

  4. winehiker - July 18, 2007

    I’m sorta curious about total sample size. OK, OK – I’m “Harry Potter” curious….

  5. Terry Hughes - July 19, 2007

    As one who is well north of middle age, into oldfartdom, I can’t say I’m too surprised by the results. Interesting though. Thanks for sharing.

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