Survey: The Meaning of Wine Blogs

Why do you like wine blogs? Do you like them?

How do you read them? What do you look for in a wine blog?

I’ve been wondering what you all think of wine blogs in general and how you use them. So I thought I’d ask…in the form of a survey.

Your identity and your responses to "THE MEANING OF WINE BLOGS" survey is confidential. So, have at it. Let me know what wine blogs mean to you!

To fill out the "MEANING OF WINE BLOGS survey…



3 Responses

  1. Agent Red - July 9, 2007

    Hi Tom,
    Great idea.
    Will you share your findings here on your site?
    – Agent Red

  2. el jefe - July 9, 2007

    well, there are wine blogs and there are wine blogs… and winery blogs, and wine business blogs, and wine store blogs, and winery service provider blogs, and wine and food blogs… I haven’t seen a cork blog but there must be one…
    I read wine blogs multiple times a day!

  3. FreeWine - July 13, 2007

    Thanks for including a wine events blog in the list of wine blogs types in your survey.
    I don’t know that there are very many wine event blogs like Oklahoma Wine News. However, I still think it is a good format for getting rapidly changing news info out to regional wine enthusiasts.

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