Two To Spend Time With

I still get a real kick out of discovering new wine blogs by folks who are doing it well or have real potential to do it well.

I tend to judge blogs on a variety of criteria, but mostly it boils down to 2 things: 1) do they have interesting things to say and 2) do they say them in a compelling way.

Two such blogs have crossed my radar of late. Both are nicely designed, both have a casual air about their prose and both are written by folks with a good deal of wine expertise.

WINE SCAMP (A good name) is the product of a Society of Wine Educators Certified Wine Expert who gets around…geographically. Currently a Texas gal, the Scamp writes nice, long, contextual and informative reviews of wines that have a breezy, easy, well-informed quality to them. One of the signs that I like a blogger’s writing style is that I read the posts, rather than skim them. I’ve been reading the Scamps posts. She appears to be on a twice to three times per week posting schedule.

The casually named TIM’S BLOG is an extension of Wine Expert, a leading supplier of home winemaking kits with a market that appears to be mainly in Canada. There are very few parts of the wine industry that are better suited for a blog than the home winemaking sector. Talk about the potential for community.

Tim’s is a surprisingly wide ranging blog given the focus of the business he is involved in. He prose are casual and filled with opinion. Tim’s posts appear to be inspired by his own approach to the industry combined with a regular communing with other bloggers and writers. He’s on a regular schedule of blogging too which is admirable.

I’d bet we are up to somewhere in the neighborhood of 600 wine blogs by now. I come across a lot of them. These two are keepers.

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  1. Picky About Font Sizes and Wine - September 12, 2007

    But Tom, these blogs both have a flaw:
    Wine Scamp’s font pt size is too large.
    Tim’s Blog font pt size is too small.
    If only they were forced to read each other’s blog, they might see the error of their sizing. 🙂

  2. Wine Scamp - September 13, 2007

    La, sir, how you do go on!
    Thanks for the super-kind words of praise, and for reading. I love being a keeper!
    In the interest of full disclosure, though, I am not a Certified Wine Expert through the Society of Wine Educators, but a mere Certified Specialist of Wine. I sat the CWE once, and the tasting portion of that exam beat the living crap out of me! I do hope to sit the exam again someday and pass all three portions.
    Props to the real CWEs out there! They are blind tasting fiends!

  3. Jeff P-D - September 14, 2007

    I’m enjoying YOUR blog tremendously. You’ve got some thoughtful posts here. I hope it’s ok — I’m linking your site from my own wine blog. Not looking for reciprocation, just a nod to you and your good stuff. Of course you’re welcome to visit my blog:

  4. Tim Vandergrift - September 17, 2007

    Thanks for your kind words–you’re very generous to a beginner, and I appreciate the nod.
    Before I started I did some reading and when I went through your blog I suffered some serious existential despair–what did I think I was doing, blethering about wine when you are doing it cogently, quickly and interestingly? Arrgh!
    Then I had a drink and felt better, because it’s really inspiring to see all the good stuff out there.
    And Picky has a point–I’ll have to see about font sizes–I can barely read it myself, some days.

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