Wolfgang Spumes!


In the first place I’m willing to check out any wine blog that names itself with a genuine word I’ve never even heard of. Hence, SPUME is something I wanted to check into. But then I realize that SPUME is a new blog written by Wolfgang Weber, the second but better reason to check out this brand new wine blog.

Wolfgang is is Senior Editor at Wine & Spirits Magazine, a very well respected (particularly by those in the wine business) consumer wine publication you can find on any good magazine rack. Wolfgang brings more than just his editorship to the world of wine blogging. His background includes a stint at the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization in Rome, a time at Red & Green where he help produce outstanding Zins, and time with wine importer Bartholomew Broadbent.

Wolfgang joins the likes of Eric Asimov, Alice Feiring, Ray Isle, Jim Gordon and Mark Fisher—all professional journalists and writers who have turned to blogging to, I suppose, scratch an itch that isn’t completely satisfied by their day job. That’s good for folks who read wine blogs and folks who want excellent, authoritative wine commentary.

There is a very comfortable, personal, insiders feel to Wolfgang’s new blog. It will be interesting to see if he talks much about the process of working in the world of wine journalism. I for one would be interested in reading about the intricacies of that life. The fact is it’s a world very few people get a glimpse into and this is why, I presume, we regularly hear criticisms about wine publication not to mention claims of nefarious intentions when it comes to their coverage and review.

Still, back to "Spume". I actually looked up the word in my handy dictionary just to confirm that Wolfgang wasn’t trying to put one over on us by defining the word as: "a mass of bubbles formed by a liquid, often through fermentation". Indeed, that is a good definition.

So, I’m looking forward to reading Wolfgang and tracking his "Spume". Now all I need is an opportunity to casually use the word in a conversation.


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