A New York Moment

Can someone please explain to me how it is that I’ve not been to New York City for almost 20 years! I’ve set up countless dinners, events, lunches and media meetings for clients in that time, but I’ve never been. It’s not emberassing, but a considered a personal failure on my part.

I’ll be rectifying that over this weekend as I take off to NY for business. There will be little time for exploring, with the exception of making sure I get to Murray’s. However just getting myself, finally, back to that remarkable bastion of humanities peak almost seems enough for me.

Consider just the attention paid to wine in that metropolis:

Some of the Greatest Wine Retailers in the World

Great Wine Auctions Houses including Christie’s, Morrell, Acker, Sotheby’s, Zackys

The Amazing Number of Wine Events Happening Every Day

The NY Commitment To Wine’s Literary Dimension Via: The Guild, The Spectator, Wine & Spirits, Wine Enthusiast, Food & Wine Magazine

There are those who can argue soundly that San Francisco is the better "Wine City". And they may be right. But when they make that argument they do so knowing they are comparing themselves to New York City, just as every comparison between cities must do when superlatives are being bandied about.

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  1. Thomas Pellechia - January 2, 2008

    I used to live down the block from Murray’s–I can still smell the store when I think about it. It’s a place to behold, and be mold too…
    FYI: anyone who tries, can see that NY City is the last bastion of real city life–you can still walk in it. But beware: Disney has ruined Broadway, making it look like, well, Disneyland, South Street Seaport downtown is a disgusting display of modern hucksterism, and some of the new buildings marring the skyline belong in a science fiction film.

  2. dfredman - January 2, 2008

    Well, if you’re going to Murray’s, you should also hit the Pearl Oyster Bar for a lobster roll and some Muscadet. And don’t forget about Momofuku (any of ’em), located in a part of town that’s a lot more interesting to walk in than Times Square. I’m also a fan of Café Grumpy, worth the hike to Chelsea for a cup of their drip coffee from a Clover machine. Other places have these devices but Grumpy’s version just seems to taste better.

  3. Thomas Pellechia - January 2, 2008

    About a block from, Murray’s on Jones, drop into winesby.com. It’s a small wine shop. Tell Jeff I sent you.
    And yeah, Pearl is a great place to munch. Also as you walk to the wine shop, stick your head into Ottomonelli’s meat market…among the last of a breed in NYC. Tell Jerry O. that I say hello.

  4. Terry Hughes - January 2, 2008

    Tom, Tom, I still live here and can point you to some great places to eat at reasonable cost. (Assuming clients aren’t paying for everything.) They have good Italian wine lists too.
    There is also the Crunk Coronation of my official mondosapore groupie, the lovely and talented Lisa Qiu, at Otto next Tuesday (Jan 9)starting at 7. Visit mondosapore for details.
    Email me for more suggestions on spots to eat and so on. Ciao!

  5. Pat Savoie - January 3, 2008

    Well, Tom, since you know about the Wine Media Guild of NY, please let us know if you end up here on one of our luncheon tasting dates and we will invite you to attend (Jan 9). The schedule is on the website… http://www.winemediaguild.org. Since we wine writers try to stay ahead of the dining curve, my current resto favorites are Dell Anima on 8th Ave & Jane and Bar Blanc on 10th Street. Both amazing, creative, satisfying and truly interesting wines.

  6. alicefelicia - January 3, 2008

    hi, i was wondering if anyone happen to know of any online wine blogs that are written specifically for los angeles area/county. Thank you.

  7. Thomas Pellechia - January 3, 2008

    Go to Google, type in “Los Angeles Blogs”
    Many will come up.

  8. Philip James - January 7, 2008

    Tom – Snooth is also proud to call Manhattan home.

  9. James - January 8, 2008

    Serendipity brought me to this entry, for it just so happens that my wife and I will be in NYC on the weekend of January 18-20, my first trip to the city since I was a wee boy. I’m bookmarking this entry to help me spend my time wisely, even though the silly customs laws will prevent me from bringing much back over the border to Toronto with me. Thanks for posting this!

  10. James McNally - January 21, 2008

    Just returned from a great weekend that unfortunately, didn’t go well for the wine lover me. Planned to visit wine shops on Sunday but none of them opened until noon, when we were shopping elsewhere. I did get into Trader Joe’s and picked up what I thought was a bargain: a bottle of Benton-Lane Oregon Pinot Noir for $20. This wine would retail for double that, if it were even available in Ontario. But coming back through airport security, I was advised that I couldn’t bring a (sealed) bottle of wine in my carry-on luggage. The option of going back to check-in and checking one of our carry on bags was too much to take, so I told them to keep it. Must do better next time!

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