Two Days Left To Vote in Wine Blog Awards

Only two days remain (today and all of tomorrow) during which time you can vote for the winners in the 2008 American Wine Blog Awards. If you have not done so already, I urge you to train your eyes on the various finalists in each category and make your choice.


Note, if you have voted already in some categories, but did not vote in all of them, the survey system allows you to return and complete the voting process. I urge you to do this also. As mentioned in an earlier post, in only a couple categories have any finalists begun to take a comfortable lead.

Thanks for taking part in the American Wine Blog Awards!

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  1. robert - March 27, 2008

    Hey Tom!
    Thanks for checking out my post. I have left a response to your question and as I’m not sure if you are following replies, I thought I’d leave you a link.
    Interesting question, but not without an answer!

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