An Ode..To Those You Need To Know’d

An Ode…
…To Those You Need To Know’d (offered with apologies!)


Ah…Dear Tish.
The Funniest and Brightest Bulb
in the Fermentation Stable
No Prisoners Taken
No One Left Unskewered
Under-estimate Tish and be Mistaken


A Channel For Wine
A Show More Visual
Than Any other Sponsor
Fermentation has Available
Watch And Learn
Be Entertained..and
Be Totally Enamored


Save 10 Dollars!
Our reader Hollers
Can it really be too
There are no shipping Charges?
Will See your that your Cellar Enlarges!


Best In Class, Indeed
A fulfillment House We
Will fulfill a Winery’s Every Need
They’ll Ship your Wine and at the same Time
Encourage This Blog To
Continue To Succeed


You Need A Cellar
You Know You Do
You Know VinoTemp
That’s Why They’re Best-Sellers
Click On their Ad
And What Will You Find
The Wine Dreams You’ve Hoped Will Come True


It’s Truly The Coolest
An Achievement Not Modest
Now Wineries Can Be Placed
On GoogleEarth in Three D
Get They In Haste!


The California Wine Club
It May Be The Best
Certainly the Granddaddy
And a Sponsor..No Less
Click On Their Link
Show Them Some Love
Then Try to Find a Rhyme for "Addy"


Ah…My Friends
They are changing Our World
Inertia Bev and their Wineries
What a Combo They Are
Wineries, Check Out Their Compliance
A Generous Tool That
Upon Which You’ll Build A Reliance

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4 Responses

  1. Zinny - April 30, 2008

    Another great post – but here’s what I’m thinking.
    Before rhyming again, first stop the drinking.

  2. Tom Wark - April 30, 2008

    That would make it no fun, Zinny. Oh. And, was I rhyming?

  3. Fredric Koeppel - May 1, 2008

    this is why you do what you do and are so good at it.

  4. Andrew - May 12, 2008

    Thanks for the plug Tom. Traffic is way up since.

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