I’ve been reviewing the various blogs linked up here at Fermentation, looking for those blogs that I tend to overlook or have not fed into my blog reader. I came across "FERMENTED THOUGHTS", authored by Nicholas Solga.

Nick’s blog defines what for me is most frustrating in the world of wine blogging: Wine Bloggers with a GREAT sense of what makes for a fine blog post, a CACHE of insider’s knowledge, an INVITING personality, and WONDERFULLY useful reviews—BUT WHO DON’T POST OFTEN ENOUGH TO ACHIEVE WHAT I THINK IS HUGE POTENTIAL!!

First, take a look at the average length of Nick’s posts at Fermented Thoughts. They are perfect. Just long enough to cover the subject, but not too long to keep me from moving along to something else as I need to. I could improve Fermentation if I just followed his lead.  And note also that Nick is in the Wine Business and clearly has access to lots of wines as well as insight on what makes the industry work. Finally, his writing is engaging and nicely personal.

Oh, one more thing. If you take a look at the ONE AND ONLY video that he’s recorded of himself reviewing a wine (It’s posted above here), I hope you’ll find that it’s really very well done. Nick should do more of these.

Unfortunately for Nick (and for me) (and for you), he doesn’t have free time on his hands like I do. Poor Nick has only posted 32 times since March.

Nick’s has a wonderful style that is perfectly suited for wine blogging. Read Nick’s Fermented Thoughts. It’s well worth your time. And if you like what he does, see if you can’t coax him into doing more.

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  1. kirk bray - August 25, 2008

    ive just started a blog and am tryign to post often but i am still finding my feet regards content, amount and style – as a media guy could you cast your eye over it and give me some feedback??
    much appreciated

  2. Dan Cochran - August 27, 2008

    Perhaps Mr. Solga prefers quality over quantity, an occasional well-thought-out post instead of a pile of drivel.

  3. Dylan Klymenko - August 27, 2008

    I’ll try to post on our blog at minimum three times a week. I’ve done a good job at keeping at that rate since I started posting for the site.
    I enjoyed the video, he definitely knew what he was talking about and made it engaging in his reaction to the wine.
    But, you’re right in your thoughts. A blog which doesn’t post often, regardless of quality, is bound to get lost in the fray. People look for something new and active that keeps them coming back. Should they return to the site to see it hasn’t been updated they wonder if its still functioning. That’s the pace of the internet and much of the reason for Facebook’s success with the newsfeed.

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