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As I’ve said before, I very much like the idea of children being introduced to wine not just by letting them watch the adults gulp it, but also by letting them sip it around the table. It’s a good idea for any number of reason, most of which would turn those in the "prevention" community into raving lunatics.

And so I was delighted, on a number of levels to come across the new "Daddy Winebucks" blog, tag-lined: "Where Whine & Parenting Collide".

The writer is actually in the wine industry, a partner at Waugh Cellars and Six Degrees. What makes Daddy Winebucks fun to read is is focus on the nexus of children, parenting and wine:

"My plan is to write about all manner of subjects wine and kids related,
regaling you not only with tales from the winery trenches in my daily
life, as partner in Waugh Cellars and Six Degrees,
but also those of being the best husband in the world (my words) to
raising two boys, one of whom, due to his excessive drinking has
already earned a waiting list spot at Promises in Malibu."

Daddy Winebucks is very witty, fun to read and deserves a place in your blogrolls and RSS Feeds.

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  1. Dylan - October 2, 2008

    Thanks for the post on this.
    I read his “Life is Good: A Confession” Post. Is this that time of the year? I know Gary Vaynerchuk was saying the same thing at a Wine 2.0 conference in NYC. How it’s 2008, no one should be doing anything other than what they love.
    Whatever the case it’s great to hear this sentiment emerging. Money can definitely buy happiness (like having a meal day to day, and shelter over your head, i don’t mean frivolous spending), but the key factor is how you go about earning it. If you can find a passion that also makes you a living, that’s where the convergence of money and happiness take place.

  2. Dan Cochran - October 2, 2008

    Tom, I would tend to agree with your viewpoint because letting youngsters have a small sip demystifies wine. It would no longer be “forbidden fruit”.

  3. Arthur - October 2, 2008

    Eric Cohen has a great sensibility as a writer. I’m glad you featured his blog.

  4. Eric - October 2, 2008

    Thanks so much, Tom, for the very kind words and link. Getting such a late start in the blogosphere it’s great to be recognized by someone like you…

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