Criteria for Nomination:
wine blog in existence between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2008, that has produced at least 52
in this period and is written in English is eligible to be
nominated for the  Best Wine Winery Blog award

Nominees for BEST WINERY BLOG…

have done an outstanding job of using the blog format to convey the unique nature of a working winery

-Should have used their blog to create a more intimate connection between consumers and the winery.



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43 Responses

  1. J David Harden - January 31, 2009

    I don’t know if Alexandre Chartogne manages 52 posts, but his English language blog deserves mention:
    Champagne Chartogne Taillet

  2. David - January 31, 2009

    I’ll nominate Napa Valley Wine Radio. This site provides some of the most formidable wine education from a “qualified source” (Goosecross Cellars, Yountville, Napa Valley).
    Napa Valley Wine Radio includes, blog, podcast, audio wine notes, and video.
    Most of the content is developed and presented by Nancy Hawks Miller (Director of Education at Goosecross) who has over 25 years of experience as a wine educator. However, many guest speakers are included such as wine industry consultants, bankers, foodies, Bed & Breakfast owners, and more.

  3. David - January 31, 2009

    I’ll nominate the Goosecross Cellars Blog, Podcast, Video’s, and audio wine notes. and

  4. Steffen - February 1, 2009

    I nice initiative to nominate the best wine blogs.
    Some of them I already found at Not for nominating such a blog collection, but may be interesting to look at.

  5. Jeff - February 1, 2009

    Benchland Blog/Michel-Schlumberger

  6. 1WineDude - February 1, 2009

    Twisted oak

  7. johng - February 1, 2009

    If you want to know the nuts and bolts of running a small Napa Valley winery, from bud break to bottling to marketing, read the Selene Wines Blog by Mia Klein and Tracy Hall.

  8. Ryan O'Vineyards - February 1, 2009

    Alright. I’m already a little behind, but maybe I’ll shoot for 52 posts before the end of 2009 so I can participate NEXT year. I love the recipients each year, so I should really step it up and try to meet the challenge.

  9. Judd Wallenbrock - February 1, 2009

    Benchland Blog by Michel-Schlumberger.

  10. David McDuff - February 1, 2009

    I’m not sure she managed 52 posts but Amy Lillard of La Gramière — — still gets my vote.

  11. Michelle - February 1, 2009

    Michel-Schlumberger blog

  12. Susan - February 2, 2009

    Tablas Creek Vineyard
    Folie a Deux

  13. Tobias - February 2, 2009

    Jean-Luc Thunevin’s Blog –

  14. Sergio - February 2, 2009

    My nomination. Great wine, great blog…
    Qui Bene Bibit:

  15. Jeff - February 2, 2009

    Tablas Creek Vineyard

  16. Tim Elliott - February 2, 2009

    Tablas Creek
    Twisted Oak’s “El Bloggo Torcido”
    Benchland Blog
    Napa Valley Wine Radio

  17. Robert Sanoff - February 2, 2009

    I nominate” Wilma’s Wine World”. KS Wallace writes with precision and clarity describing a wide range of stories and situations in the ongoing development of a multigenerational wine family. She is also very funny.

  18. John Kozyak - February 3, 2009

    TAblas Creek has the best winery blog

  19. ALEX MEJIDO - February 3, 2009

  20. Salina Littleton - February 3, 2009

    I nominate

  21. Steffanie - February 3, 2009

    Tablas Creek

  22. Steffanie - February 3, 2009

    Tablas Creek

  23. Cindy - February 3, 2009

    Tablas Creek is still the most well done, well written blog.

  24. Cheyanne Jordan - February 3, 2009

  25. Leone Manni - February 3, 2009

    Wilma’s Wine World at

  26. Petri Pentikäinen - February 3, 2009

    I nominate Il Poggione’s Montalcino Report at

  27. Remy - February 3, 2009

    I nominate A Donkey and Goat – although I also love Tablas Creek

  28. Shonna - February 4, 2009

    Tablas Creek is a very well-written wine blog.

  29. Monique Timberlake - February 4, 2009

    I nominate “”. I look forward to reading this blog. It is smart and funny and current.

  30. Kim Collins - February 4, 2009

    I like wilma’s Wine world. Her stories come straight from the heart an she’s not afraid to speak her mind.

  31. R.F. - February 4, 2009

    I nominate Wilma’s Wine World at Her blogs are always interesting and always very funny! She’s a very talented writer and brings a unique and honest perspective on the family wine business.

  32. Vanessa Strobel - February 4, 2009

    Tablas Creek

  33. EricH - February 4, 2009

    Bedrock Wine Co –

  34. Kori - February 4, 2009

    Wilma’s Wine World (Dry Creek Vineyard)
    Benchland Blog (Michel-Schlumberger)

  35. caroline - February 5, 2009

  36. Robert Hermsen - February 5, 2009

    The Dover Canyon Blog is super. Mary Baker has a great knack for coming up with appropriate subjects and is a great writer.

  37. mark pearce - February 5, 2009

    Dover Canyon Winery has a great blog.

  38. Maggie V - February 5, 2009

    I nominate VinoVerve as Best Winery Blog for its excellence in connecting wine enthusiastics with large wineries and Boutique wineries. VinoVerve transports the reader with its penetrating interviews, comments on tastings, and its on site photos of wineries, labels and local environs. It’s almost as good as being in the tasting room, touring the winery and walking among the vines. It makes one want to grab for the car keys and go. Brava! Bravo! to the bloggers at VinoVerve.

  39. Brian - February 5, 2009

    Dover Canyon … great blog, great people, great wine!

  40. Tom Zirk - February 5, 2009

    ….easy reading, with a wide range of subjects and many excellent wines. Three great reasons to nominate the Dover Canyon Winery blog.

  41. Tina Vu - February 6, 2009

    I nominate

  42. wayne - February 7, 2009

    I nominate

  43. Jay Ehret - February 8, 2009

    Wilma’s Wine World
    The blog for Dry Creek Vineyards. Real, personal, written by the owner of a family-owned and run winery.