For It Is My Very Blood

Cup I had wanted to post something on this topic last Thursday since it is generally agreed that the Last Supper occurred on the Thursday prior to Christ's Crucifixion and Resurrection. But with my relationship to Christianity being merely one of curiosity and respect, rather than intimate, and given other more pressing things being on my mind, I forgot. So it arrives today.

I merely want to note and remind us that where wine is concerned, its most famous literary reference comes to us from the Bible, as so many others do. And whether we  adhere to the Christian faith or not, it takes little to acknowledge that the Bible, its stories, its teachings, it's often beautiful symbols and its traditions have played an immeasurable role in the shaping of the culture of the West.

Wine is no different.

I personally rather enjoy the debate among Christians and scholars over whether or not God condemns drinking wine or whether he merely condemns drunkenness. Were this more than an academic interest to me I'm sure I'd fall on the side of those who believe the Bible advises us to drink wine and celebrates wine, but not to drink to drunkenness lest Satan do his deeds while we fell under his spell.

But it is Easter time—the most important and significant of the Christian high holy days. It was at the Last Supper that Christ infused wine with its most important symbolism.

"My friends, take this bread, for it is my very body, broken for you."
"Take this wine and drink of it, for it is my very blood, shed for you.”
“As you do this, remember me.”

And with these words, wine became the symbol of Christ's blood sacrifice and the ritual of the Eucharist was born.

It matters not to me the details of this ritual. But I bring it up only to remind we wine lovers that like so much else of importance in our lives, the Bible played an important role in creating the meanings, symbolism and definitions of wine—enough so that it requires us to acknowledge it.

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  1. Dylan - April 12, 2009

    A Happy Easter and Passover to everyone.

  2. Samantha - April 12, 2009

    Yeah, what Dylan said! I wish all a happy holiday…or Sunday, laugh lots, eat well and drink better.

  3. Vinogirl - April 12, 2009

    Agnus Dei partakes of wine.

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