The truth is, I tend to come across new blogs by virtue of the blog owners contacting me directly, when they link to FERMENTATION or when I come across them researching a blog post.

Burgundivia BURGUNDIVA came to my attention due for the latter two reasons.

Now, Ms. Erica Christie, the writer of Burgundiva describes herself thusly: "Erica is a wine enthusiast and writer in New York, where she currently is working as a consultant for a NYC wine distributor." As it turns out her wine blog is fairly new. But, from what I can see we have someone here with a good bit of knowledge about wine, a witty pen and a penchant for appreciating how wine fits with popular culture and international relations.

This is a very good recipe!!

I like Burgundiva. I'm now following Burgundiva. What I'm looking forward to from Burgundiva is more pop culture-laced wine posts that keep me current.

In any case, Burgundiva has my recommendation. Check it out.

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