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  1. Randy - July 30, 2009

    Nice first go, Tom.
    I struggle with the same questions as you, in a slightly different context (moving from doing audio to doing both audio and video blogs/podcasts).
    I think that video brings something different, obviously. It’s more immediate, it begs to be shorter and more succinct. These realities force the person doing the video blog to hone the message and be able to communicate it while looking into a lens and not freak out or crack up.
    There’s a certain amount of revision that ends up happening in a written blog. You can start with an outline and develop it over a longer period of time before clicking the “publish” button. With video, it’s just out there, warts and all.
    In your case, I think video would be a welcome counterpoint to the more thought-provoking and introspective pieces you’ve written over the last year. I know you to be a fabulous communicator, both written and spoken, so I don’t see this as a problem for you, just that it will feel uncomfortable at first.
    And please let all of your videos start with you about to light a cigarette. It’s the little things, my friend. It’s always the little things.

  2. Robert McIntosh (thirstforwine) - July 30, 2009

    Tom – do it, but not exclusively.
    In answer to your questions, I think video can be MORE personal, MORE passionate because we see your body language, and these are things you like to get across in your writing.
    Video is more immediate and at times therefore more appropriate.
    I’ve also discovered (today in fact) that video broadcasting can make things more interactive.
    BUT …
    I’m seeing how twitter is already making me a lazy writer and video is likely to make that worse. Why put the effort into refingin thoughts when you can give articulation to a stream of consciousness and “people will understand”?
    Also, not all readers want to read/see/hear every single thing you have to say. The written post can be skimmed for relevance, video cannot. You may lose people.
    Video can bring your views alive, just don’t let them replace what this site does best which is to analyse and report and document things for future reference.

  3. Randy - July 30, 2009

    Amplifying what Robert commented:
    From a SEO perspective (if such a thing actually really exists) you still want a written blog, because unless you have the patience to transcribe your videos and attach that metadata to your posts, you lose some of that context (I run up against that that all the time with WBR) that can be useful when people are searching for content.
    I would agree in part with the lazy writer syndrome too. I find that, since I produce a radio show, I don’t really feel much like writing. But then, that’s me.

  4. el jefe - July 30, 2009

    If you do more videos you will run the risk of appearing all warm and fuzzy. I know you would hate that!
    On the other hand, this was a very good start, and the lead in was great – like Chevy Chase on the phone, only completely different.
    On the other hand, if you did this post:
    as a video, I think you would lose something. I suspect I would not sit through the video, while the reading of that post held me right to the end. Also, as Randy pointed out, the lack of a written component severely limits your searchability and quotability.
    On the other hand, this video was fun and engaging. I suspect you will have no problem choosing the right medium for each post going forward.

  5. Terry Christiani - July 30, 2009

    First, if you find you like doing it, then do it.
    Second, I suggest that you pick one (or create a new) category that is exclusively video content. It should be a category that in the past you have felt the need for a significant visual content support. Interviews with people or reviews of specific products are good visual fodder.
    Last, create a good visual backdrop and lighting. Your current video has light coming in from behind you which at different times of day may make filming difficult. Also you can incorporate some branding into a creative backdrop that will help with furthering your already well defined identity.
    Good luck with this and Cheers, Terry

  6. Markus Stolz - July 30, 2009

    Tom, give it a go! I guess it boils down to allowing viewers to judge your personality. No need to have talent in showing off, just be yourself and await the responses. In the best case scenario it might just work like one of those double barreled shotguns (forgive my command of the English language if this is the wrong expression), worst case scenario: You talent might be writing, drop the video and go back to your roots. Seriously, who would dare to complain?

  7. Scott K - July 30, 2009

    Tom…before seeing that post, I would have said “no”. However, after viewing it I felt a little more tuned-in to your tone and your, well, Specific Idiom (nod to Python).
    Use it as a tool (the video-blogging, not you)

  8. Alfonso Cevola - July 30, 2009

    you might not get satisfaction from doing videos but you might get a chance to stand in for George Clooney.
    Videos are simpler but not necessarily better. I’d say do an op-ed video once every 7-14 days and let that suffice. Personally, I like to read words.

  9. Tim Keller - July 30, 2009

    I think the question you ask about “helping convey into” is the right question. You communicate very effectively in writing – but most people dont. Video lets people use intonation, and body language which helps add a lot more information to the words by themselves – but I dont think you have that problem.
    THe other thing is if you want to illustrate something graphically – like for us visual types – in which case.. text blog + pictures is still probably fine for 90%.
    The one thing I like about video blogging though… its easier to consume on my end (even if it takes more energy on yours)

  10. Jeff - July 30, 2009

    When you figure out the answer let me know.
    I’ve been grappling with the same …
    I agree with the other commentator that a foray into video requires a tripod, a camera and a light diffuser.
    That said you are very eloquent and light on your feet verbally so it might be a perfect match.

  11. Thomas Pellechia - July 30, 2009

    Well, with video you don’t have to worry about spelling or typos, which is an important benefit to bloggers… 😉

  12. Samantha - July 30, 2009

    I for one almost never look at podcasts, just not that into it, for me there is TV and there is computers but I am sure I am in the minority.

  13. Jeff Dorenbush - July 30, 2009

    I agree with Robert, “do it, but not exclusively.”
    Video brings a face and voice to your words and ideas. I think video is a great idea to explore.

  14. Ann Miller - July 30, 2009

    Hey Tom, it’s nice to see what you sound like! You sound good and not exactly what I expected. I like written words because it is easier for me to skim if I’m looking for something I read earlier. With a video, you pretty much have to view the whole dang thing. On the other hand, a picture/video can sometimes tell a story that words cannot. And then there’s videos just for fun. You can produce them without starring yourself, which is sometimes a relief. Here’s mine. http://www.dot-wine.com/blog/2009/7/22/top-10-reasons-dirty-south-got-the-really-goode-job.html (Especially if you’re a girl and you don’t want to put on your makeup.)

  15. Anneliese - July 30, 2009

    Only for special occasions, otherwise please stick to writing. Your writing is charming and delightful to read and allows the reader to think their own things while reading your words. Vid doesn’t allow for that. The visual medium is too intense. Save for special times, like you do truffles.

  16. Cybertlh - July 30, 2009

    Love your blog, but definitely do some video blogging. No doubt that the written word is still easier to archive, but the impact of video is much more immediate. Metadata and video archives can live just as long. Go for it…

  17. Dylan - July 31, 2009

    I support an addition of video, but as some commenters have mentioned, don’t do it exclusively. There’s room for both and each have their own place. When it comes to a subject where you truly need your passion, and therefore, intonation to come across–video is the obvious choice. More over, a video based on a prepared topic still does involve preparation in the form of writing–meaning you won’t miss out on your love for writing even on the few videos you may decide to make.

  18. Tish - July 31, 2009

    Love video, but have a hard time with them if they go over 1:30. Yours was great at 1:28!

  19. Gabriella Opaz - July 31, 2009

    What can I say? I love it! But like many have said here, do not use it exclusively. Use it as a tool to strategically interact with your readers. There are several ways of doing this, but as we’ve talked about previously, it’s up to you to find what works best.
    And for the record, you come off as very personable and comfortable in front of the camera. So clearly, it’s one more tool in your toolbox you can use when appropriate.
    Way to take the bull by the horns and experiment!

  20. 1WineDude - August 1, 2009

    Yes, but not in that hat.

  21. ryan - August 1, 2009

    Better backdrop please! 🙂 Oh and when you want to be a hard ass about some shipping issues, please do it in writing, you come off as a nice guy in video! Wouldn’t want that when your sticking it to the man.
    Finally your missing a prop, your manhattan!
    cheers from Spain

  22. mydailywine - August 11, 2009

    I like it. I can see you. I can hear you. I feel more engaged in what you are communicating. Plus you look so pretty on screen:)

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