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  1. Dylan - August 13, 2009

    It’s funny you mention this. I’ve been fascinated with cooking ever since I was 10. My Mom and Dad shared the responsibility and to see my father cooking in the kitchen made me feel like it wasn’t just a lady’s skill. There’s so much joy in the creation of the food, tasting how it evolves in the pan or oven, and even greater, sharing it with people you care about. To watch them enjoy something you made, to provide them not only nutrition and sustenance, but an experience that brings them happiness, s Michele Anna Jordan said, it is innate. This summer I’ve begun teaching my younger brother how to cook because he was falling into the very trap this article mentioned. Limited by his lack of cooking ability, he was forced into more convenient meals which left him feeling sluggish and cost him more money. This year he’s going back to school with the confidence to shop for ingredients and cook for himself.

  2. Gretchen - August 13, 2009

    I have two teen foodies here at the house. They have always been adventurous eaters just because we have gone out of our way to expose them to different types of food and culture. And their experience crosses over into cooking.
    My 14 year old made some kick ass ribs a couple of weeks ago. and the 13 year old cooks risotto. I have even sent them to the local market with $5.00 and instructions to bring home ingredients to prepare a well balanced meal for 4. And they succeeded.

  3. el jefe - August 13, 2009

    I couldn’t think of a better subject of which to be the sponsor. Running a winery doesn’t leave a lot of time to cook, but I do like to cook and share it with friends.
    One way to share your cooking knowledge is via the dinner party (see previous post 😉 Engaging your guests in the kitchen while you are cooking shares the fun and maybe everyone learns something new by the end of the evening.
    A couple of the “celebrity chefs” over in England have made a cause of this. Check out “The F-Word” on BBC if you get a chance for one example.

  4. zonk - August 16, 2009

    Kahuna at http://kahunasfoodandwine.com/
    and people like him are using the internet to reach and to do the very thing you suggest. Showing how to cook food, rather than just assemble it from factory made components.

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