I Should Have Drunk Bad Wine

Mess I think it's one thing for America's alcohol wholesalers to selfishly and arrogantly take control of state legislatures and cripple consumers' beliefs that their demand is honestly assessed by suppliers and met for the sake of consistency with basic economic laws, all for the sake of multiplying their power, wealth and control of a huge swatch of the American economy. After all, that's business…of a sort.

But no matter how ugly the state-mandated three tier system can get, it's not nearly as ugly and damaging and immoral as the work of America's entertainment industry who cravenly produce things like "2012", a full blown slasher movie on a gigantic scale masquerading as a film about human resilience. 

In my desire to do good work for the Specialty Wine Retailers Association and in feeling compelled to call out the blatant absurdity of a system that hurts more than it helps, I'm told by some that I ought to be more moderate in the way I attack these personal and professional pursuits.

I can live with that critique of my approach.

But what's really difficult to live with is that I contributed my person coin to purveyors of artless filth who are best defined by their furious and giddy delight in slathering mud and feces all over that most precious thing called human life, all for the sake of making money and indulging their own sadistic nature. I used to think that slasher films, where the flaying of human flesh is used to evoke surprise and fear, was just about the worst thing a moviemaker could do with the trust and money they are given. I learned it wasn't. In "2012", a collection of "filmmakers" and actors upped the ante by fantasizing not just about the killing of a human being with sharp objects, but about the torture of all humanity while all humanity watches. That's sick.

Life is short and final.

That's just one of the reasons it's so precious. That's just one of the reasons we should expect ourselves and anyone else not infected by diseases of the mind to treat it with respect. That's just one of the reasons those of us in the wine business, whether aligned with producers or wholesalers or retailers, appreciate that we get to work around a man made product that primarily gives people pleasure. That, having been reminded of it in profound ways over the past year and a half, is why I'm positive I need to pursue those things that leave a real positive mark on my and others lives.

It's also why I need to be much more careful about spending money in support of smut like "2012" and instead spending it on something better, like time drinking the worst wine I've ever tasted.

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  1. Steve Stevens - November 18, 2009

    Wow, you really hated that movie. A lot of people seem to agree with you. This from Peter Travers of “Rolling Stone:”
    “Beware “2012,” which works the dubious miracle of almost matching “Transformers 2″ for sheer, cynical, mind-numbing, time-wasting, money-draining, soul-sucking stupidity.”

  2. Carlene Gutowsky - November 18, 2009

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  3. wine club - November 18, 2009

    I did laugh at one of the reviews(thinking of the classic east coast bias here) that said California fell into the Pacific about 5 minutes into the movie…..yeah that sounds about right, kind of like one of those made for tv movies actually. Makes you wonder how a movie with that type of script gets the green light from a studio.

  4. Chicago Pinot - November 18, 2009

    Tom, I am probably not going to see this documentary movie, after reading your post. But I am going to print this post out and hold on to it for a few years. How come? Because if I read any articles from wine porn magazines in 2013 stating that 2012 is the “vintage of the century” for (insert region here), I wlll just pull out your review and just have a small laugh.

  5. Samantha - November 19, 2009

    Wow, sounds like you hated 2012 as much as I hated Bottle Shock. I was so pissed when that poorly written pile of steaming drivel was over I told my husband that I would sooner eat my own hair than watch that again.

  6. twitter.com/Mamandesfilles - November 19, 2009

    I was initially amused that NASA has to spend time and money debunking 2012 rumors. But then, I would prefer they spent their funds on space exploration or urban heat island mitigation (which would have an immediate impact on improving life in the US). But then again, I am a nerd.

  7. Grape - November 20, 2009

    If you ask me, there is no such thing as bad wine, if the grapes used are of a good quality. Whether it’s white or red, the method, and the grapes are the two factors that influence the quality of wine.

  8. J. Boyce - November 22, 2009

    @ Samantha,
    Bo Barrett was just in Beijing, where I live, and I asked him about Bottle Shock. He noted a lot of the scenes that were invented — the love interest, him boxing with his father to settle disagreements, him going to France for the Judgment of Paris, etc.
    Too bad the director didn’t stick more closely with what actually happened rather than making the movie overly slick, the characters wooden, and the final product pretty difficult to watch.
    Cheers, Jim Boyce

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