The Fall Wine Pairing Guide

Leaves At the risk of being called a copy cat and at the further risk of squeezing in this post barely before the deadline, I offer my list of WINE PAIRING FOR THE FALL.

I know, I know. The go-to wine for raking Fall leaves has always been a Sangiovese. But I'm going out on a limb (is that a pun or a half pun?) and suggesting that the leaf raker uncork something refreshing and spicy. Put the rake down and pull out nicely chilled Gewurztraminer. Think about it. Not only do those multi colored yellow, brown, red and and green gewurztraminer grapes LOOK like fallen fall leaves, but when chilled and gulped, Gewurztraminer can quench a thirst that builds from all that raking.

My new quintessential fall recording, not only for its name but for it's soulful and reflective tempo, Brubeck's "Indian Summer" recording is surely on anyone's playlist that appreciates jazz and the reflective nature that is Fall. This Fall recording calls for a contemplative wine. My suggestion is white Burgundy, preferably something 7 or 8 years into its life. The subtle mix of caramel, apple, lime, oak and herb you get with middle aged white Burgundy tends to stop you, like this Brubeck recording, and ask you to look deeper.

The idea here is understanding that it will be during the fall months that the Oakland Raiders confirm their nastiness; their terrible abilities; their disrespect for their fans by playing terribly. One needs something strong and bracing in order to remain a fan of the ugly efforts you'll see thoughout the Fall. You will need to pair the Oakland Raiders with a high alcohol wine. My suggestion is Napa Valley Cabernet. These traditionally 14.6% gems are many most certainly in the 15.4 or 15.6 range. A couple glasses and you'll be in the perfect mood to watch Jamarcus Russel confirm what everyone but Al Davis seemed to know.

The first cold nights that arrive in the Fall remind us that long, warm nights are temporary, at best. And while that little fact is seen by some as unfair and God's biggest mistake, the first cold nights remind us why courtship and romance should and often does lead to long term coupling. So, what wine goes with the act of scootching up close to your mate under a blanket? That's easy. Pinot Noir. Pinot Noir is the wine romance, love, courtship and the first cold nights of fall. And if you have to ask why then either you don't trust my recommendations or you've never drunk PInot Noir with someone you want to kiss.

The sales that come a 'callin during the fall and particularly between Thanksgiving and Christmas are undeniably impressive. That Peacoat you were looking at in April that went for $280 is now $99. So, what wine goes with walking the malls or surfing You need something racy to match the adrenalin you feel when you see that amazing item at an amazing price. The answer is Gruner Veltliner. The nice, minerally, austere yumminess of the Austrian Gruner is the perfect companion for online shopping and pitstops between mall stores.

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  1. Marcia - December 9, 2009

    This one put a big smile on my face! As to #1, indeed a lovely Guwurz is an excellent pairing with that activity. And, I must say, with that nasty wind storm last week and the recent cold snap, there’s sure been a lot of leaf raking going on here in Napa. It is ever so much more pleasant to tackle this activity while sipping than waiting until the end to reward oneself with a glass (or two) when it’s finished!
    And may I nominate a #6? Perhaps a bit of bubbly to celebrate completion of harvest, another important Fall event?

  2. Austin James Carson - December 9, 2009

    Something about Raider football screams Zin to me. Not a fan per se, just seems fitting.

  3. westoakland - December 9, 2009

    Clever. Agree with all but #3.
    Can’t help but think that Raiders football is better suited to beer from a can.
    If you insist on the grape metaphor, the best I can come up with is Ripple.

  4. @nectarwine - December 9, 2009

    Well written descriptions and wine comparisons. Love relating wine to everyday events. I’m with the other two comments above, Raiders pair well with, say…a bottle of wine that went bad…just sayin’.
    Josh @nectarwine (twitter)

  5. Pablo Orio - December 10, 2009

    Hi guys,
    I like quite good your blog I agree with all. I invite you to visit my blog

  6. Veronique - December 10, 2009

    Enjoying this post, especially #5. Gruner’s a great choice.

  7. wine clubs - December 10, 2009

    Nice comments on the Raider football, Jamarcus has been an absolute disaster. They still need a real QB to have any shot at starting to win consistently.
    You could have paired them with a Caliza Syrah that measures in around 16.2%(if I remember correctly) as well.

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