Let The Zinfandel Guessing Begin!!


FERMENTATION is giving away a pair of tickets to the Saturday, January 30th Grand Tasting at the Zinfandel Festival in San Francisco.

This is the granddaddy of Grand Tastings where you can sample the wines of more than 200 Zinfandel producers. If you've never been to the ZAP Tasting, well, then you've not fully lived a wine-lovers life.

However, you are going to have to work to get your hands on these tickets.

The first person to correctly answer the questions below in the comments section of post, will get the two free tickets to the Grand Tasting. So, here we go…

What do the following winemakers have in common where Zinfandel and ZAP is concerned.

NIls Venge
Mary Buckles
Robert Biale
Matt Cline
Rod Berglund
Joel Peterson
Ehren Jordan
Paul Draper
Kent Rosenblum

The answer is not "They've all poured at the ZAP Tasting". Tell me the similarity I'M thinking of and you win the tickets!! 

Let the guessing begin…


Jim, the first person to comment, gets it right. These winemakers have all produced vintages of ZAPs "Heritage Vineyard" Zinfandel. This is a remarkable vineyard, a national treasure one might say. Please learn more about this Keepsake of a Zinfandel Vineyard by CLICKING HERE. Congrats, Jim. You get a pair of tickets to the ZAP Grand Tasting.

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  1. jim - January 14, 2010

    They’ve all made the “Heritage Vineyard Zinfandel”

  2. Tom Wark - January 14, 2010

    Well done, Jim. You Are Correct!!

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