50 Ways of Updating Facebook for Wineries

Facebook Over the past year I've talked to numerous wineries and wine related businesses about the task of keeping up with the demands of social media marketing. Far and away the two most frequent objections I hear about engaging in social media marketing is 1) I Don't have the time and 2) I don't know what I'd update people about.

Two fair and predictable objections. The first objection is the critical one. If you don't have time to update your Facebook page, then don't have one. And also, don't' read the rest of this post. However, if you have 20 minutes per day to devote to tackling your Facebook obligations, then keep reading.


1. Know the composition of your fans before you type.
Are they primarily wine buyers? Are they primarily other members of the wine trade? Are they primarily customers of your service? Are they primarily friends? Answer this question first because it will dictate what information and what updates you place on your company's Fan Page.

2. Unless your pet is an integral part of your business, don't make them the subject of a Facebook fan page update.

3. There is a limit to how much better your life is than your Fans that your Fans will put up with hearing about.

4. While asking your fans to buy your wine or engage your services should be a part of your Facebook work, it can't amount to the majority of your Facebook updates.

5. Pictures & Video: USE THEM!!!

With these caveats out of the way, here are some suggestions as to what you can focus on in Facebook updates if you are in the wine business.

1. Your thoughts on the condition of past vintages. Drink now? Or Save
2. Recent significant production work in the cellar
3. Who you recently hired
4. Pictures of visitors to your winery that you recently met or hosted
5. Links to articles about you or your winery
6. Pictures and a comment about a recent event at the winery
7. Any changes to your hospitality operations
8. Important events in the vineyard: budbreak, pruning, harvest, etc.
9. Links to Facebook pages of restaurants you've recently visited.
10. Comments on what your business says about our economy
11. Updates on coming events featuring your wines
12. Info on new restaurants in your general area that Fans might like.
13. Observations on the growing conditions (weather).
14. Announcements of new releases.
15. Links to or information on new reviews of your wines.
16. Recommendations on other wineries to visit and why.
17. Suggest places for visitors to stay when touring your region.
18. A very occasional limited time offer for Facebook fans only.
19. Requests of Fans to upload photos to the Fan page of them with your wines
20. Updates on your travels: a travel-log.
21. Recommendations of books you've recently read
22. Comment on recent wine-related news
23. Suggestions on incorporating wine into holiday celebrations
24. Reminders to Fans to recommend your Facebook page to their friends.
25. Ask for feedback from fans on marketing questions
26. Occasional comments on biggest challenges to making and selling wine.
27. Announcements when parts of your website have been updated.
28. Public announcements when you've discovered a Fan did something great!
29. Link to a recipe you think would work with one of your wines
30. Expose Fans to your favorite charities
31. Comment on what you've learned from wine buying patters (Merlot sales up? Why?)
32. Ideas on how to use and get interesting info out of Facebook
33. Why you added a new type of product in the tasting room.
34. Make note of a winery-related anniversary. Founding. First wine release, etc.
35. When there are only a few cases of a wine left before it sells out.
36. Ask Fans what their favorite wine magazine is and why.
37. Ask Fans what their favorite blogs is and why.
38. Post other people's pictures of their visit to the winery or with you.
39. Thank Fans for their support when a wine sells out.
40. Upload a video of your winemaker singing, dancing, talking, etc…
41. Announce opening of a new market for your wines.
42. Take a stand on a wine-related political issue.
43. Hold a Facebook only contest: Best wine limerick, Best photo of your wine, etc.
44. Announce a job opening and where resumes can be sent.
45. Tell Fans about a great "other person's wine" you tasted.
46. Announce the winning of a medal at a competition.
47. Link to your regional associations Facebook page or website
48. Put a picture of your kid up on the page occasionally.
49. Explain why you use this or that cork or capsule or barrel (show picture).
50. Occasionally explain why you love making wine.

The point I think is clear: There are numerous ways to update your Facebook page if you just use facebook in the way it is best used: Keep it focused on what you do and do so in a focused and personal way and try to create reasons for your fans to interact with you.


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  1. Margieotl - February 16, 2010

    Great post Tom! Now if only they will listen…

  2. VinoCulture - February 16, 2010

    Fantastic post – this is the kind of practical information people need. Kudos Tom, and thank you!

  3. casey - February 16, 2010

    As a consumer who uses facebook MOSTLY for wine related stuff, he describes the PERFECT winery facebook page. I would be glued to a winery facebook page if they did half of what Tom outlines on a regular basis. Although social media will never win over taste and pricing, it keeps yoru brand in our hearts and minds.

  4. Thomas @ The Blog Wine Cellar - February 16, 2010

    I had to laugh about the comment
    “There is a limit to how much better your life is than your Fans that your Fans will put up with hearing about. ”
    This is so true! I have friends that live in wine country that are always abusing this rule!

  5. Ilpalazzone - February 17, 2010

    Such a great post! Thank you. I will be printing it out and hanging it in my office for daily inspiration… now I just need some fans 🙂

  6. Fabius - February 17, 2010

    Thanks for the tips. I think I’ve maybe done about 3/50 on my wine page on FB! 🙁

  7. Eric Hwang - February 17, 2010

    Tom, great post with lots of great ideas. I love that people like you who seem to “get it” are out here sharing their ideas and helping others. Some of these ideas I’ve already used with great results, others I will try to incorporate as ongoing topics. I think I will also link back to this article from my series on Social Media Strategy for Wineries.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. [email protected] - February 17, 2010

    Great suggestions Tom!
    We have been out talking to wineries about the new VinoVisit Facebook reservation application for wineries and all have been asking for ideas so we will pass along your great suggestions. Something that we found that everyone wants to talk about is events. Both the winery and the Fans can comment about them. If a winery wants to get more out of Facebook with less work they can add our reservation widget and make it easy for interested Fans to book a visit to an event or tasting right on their winery Fan page.

  9. Chris Wickham - February 17, 2010

    I’m listening and now if I can only find the time to do all of them. I am saving this page for future reference.

  10. Chris Wickham - February 17, 2010


  11. Luke Mathews - February 17, 2010

    Tom this was a rockin’ post.
    We hipsters will definitely be using some of your advice and were happy to see we’ve already put some of it to use.
    Next time you are in L.A., we would love to get a glass with you and pick your brain. If we are in your neck of the woods we’ll let you know.

  12. Wineguystv.com - February 17, 2010

    Be Consistent !!! Pick your battles !!!

  13. @sonomawineguy - February 18, 2010

    We have been active with our fans for the last couple of years and we use our FB and Twitter pages a forum for interaction. As all of the people who are our fans are of the wine buying ages, industry or not, I do view them as either buyers or influencers, regardless of their friend status. It is important to stay current, stay relevant, and dont overload with sales or offers. I do try to get them to the winery though. And we encourage participation and feedback as often as possible.

  14. jessebeckerMS - February 18, 2010

    Yep, super important. Thanks for posting this Tom!

  15. Joy Sterling - February 18, 2010

    Dear Tom, Excellent post. Thank you. I am keeping it for daily inspiration. One question, please: when we announce a Facebook contest, what can we legally offer as a prize? Thanks so much, Joy

  16. cabgirl - February 19, 2010

    Nice list of To Dos and What NOT to do’s for wineries on their facebook page.
    I may have missed this in the list, but it would make consumers lives a whole lot easier if wineries would make their Facebook winery pages public. Don’t give me a link to your Facebook page on your site or in any other article I read about you, and I have to login to see your page. More than likely the person clicking the link probably has a facebook page, BUT that doesn’t mean they have the time to login, or in a position to login at that given time.
    Make it simple for folks…

  17. The Daily Winegraph - February 20, 2010

    Great post! Can I translate it to russian language and publish for russian wine makers (with your name and back-link)?

  18. Whitehalllane - February 22, 2010

    Tom great post! There is no question that social networking should play some part in every business. We will look into utilizing some of this tips and I hope you will be pleased to see that most we do already.
    Also, the next time you’re up in the Napa Valley we would love to host you in our new Club Room to discuss Facebook’s viral power and, of course, to sip some great wine!
    Katie Flashberger
    Sales & Marketing
    Whitehall Lane Winery

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