The Sonoma Cocktail Crawl

It may come as a surprise to many of you, but if you come to the town of Sonoma there is no law against getting a cocktail instead of a glass of wine. In fact, lo and behold, there are actually a number of fine drinking establishments located on or around the famed Sonoma Plaza where you can belly up to the bar.

And yet I could find no reference on where one might go in Sonoma to get a Manhattan or Old Fashioned or French 75 or a Corpse Reviver or a good Dirty Martini or a Sazerac. So, being the font of wisdom and caretaker for thirsty Sonomans and their guests, I decided that just such a reference was called for.

Behold, the SONOMA COCKTAIL CRAWL—(brought to you by Tom Wark and GoogleMaps)


Now, far be it for me to suggest that one actually perform this Cocktail Crawl, hitting all 8 locations and drinking at each, in one sustained crawl (though I promise it can be done). However, for those inclined to sip a cocktail rather than wine, this little map with commentary might provide inspiration.

It should be noted that one can order food, and in some cases really great food, at six of the eight stops on the Sonoma Cocktail Craw. So if you do dare to do it all in one long, sustained crawl…get yourself something to eat.


5 Responses

  1. Sondra Bernstein - March 10, 2010

    Tom – thanks for letting us know that the Crawl ends at the fig. I will warn the bartenders!

  2. John Kelly - March 10, 2010

    They are making a decent Sazerac at the fig, but ask for absinthe instead of Pernod. I think I have Kim over at EDK trained on it too, but I avoid ordering it if it looks like it would put her in the weeds. Also I think we should start a campaign to request that the bar buyers stock a decent red vermouth – say, Vya or Carpano Antico. Our Manhattans and Negronis will be better for it.

  3. Dy - March 10, 2010

    Tom, you obviously don’t hang out with Daedalus Howell. In the interest of journalism, he made it to every spot in Sonoma that served alcohol-starting in the early morning. However, he did not produce a map. I believe between Daedalus and James Marshall Berry, you have two experts who know all the nuances of the libation scene in Sonoma quite well and have selflessly sacrificed portions of their liver so that we may follow their heroic exploits.

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