New Website Dedicated to Stopping H.R. 5034


The movement to oppose H.R. 5034 has another tool in its shed:


The new website is dedicated to educating those who oppose this wholesaler-created bill that will severely endanger direct shipping rights for retailers, wineries and consumers as well as put nearly all discriminatory state alcohol regulations outside the orbit of Constitutional principles.

Created and maintained by the Specialty Wine Retailers Association, StopHR5034.Org gives opponents of the bill the option to:

1. Sign Up for Alerts and Updates on the Status of H.R. 5034
2. See Media Coverage of H.R. 5034
3. Go directly to the Free The Grapes "Write Your Rep" page
4. See a complete list of organizations opposing H.R. 5034
5. Read detailed explanations of what H.R. 5034 will do
6. Read the text of H.R. 5034

Future enhancements to the site will include a mobile version of the website and a discussion board.

The site was designed by DESIGN VINEYARD, a web design firm out of Napa, California that serves the food, wine and hospitality industries and whose partners strongly support free and fair trade in wine.

I URGE YOU TO VISIT THE PAGE, educate yourself on this disastrous bill and to sign up for updates on its status and for action alerts.

Combined with the STOPHR5034 Facebook page that now has nearly 10,000 fans, the new STOPHR5034.ORG website is the kind of tool necessary to increase even further the knowledge of this bill among those who support free trade, the wine industry, and those who believe that special interests ought not get a pass on being subject to the U.S. Constitution.

It's quite likely that H.R. 5034 will get a hearing, probably sometime in June. Between now and then it is necessary to educate as many people as possible inside and outside the wine industry of the insidious nature of this bill and ready them to take action when the hearings occur.

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  1. Dave Erickson - May 5, 2010

    Really and truly: I saw the story first in the NY Times this morning (I’ve been waiting for Asimov to get back from vacation) and my first thought was “Tom is gonna step up to this.” And of course you are. This bill (“CARE”? Oh, please…) needs to be squashed hard.

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