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Winespectator It's important to me to occasionally take time out from blogging and working and generally living to draw attention to those who support this blog and my blogging through sponsorships. Otherwise known as advertising.

Obtaining advertising from companies is one of the important ways I know I am serving my audience because those that do advertise respect my audience enough to want to reach it.

So, please take note of the following:

 America's most read wine magazine, The Wine Spectator, is utilizing FERMENTATION: The Daily Wine Blog to advertise its new iPhone App: "Vintage Chart: By Wine Spectator. The iPhone App puts one of the magazine's most popular features, its vintage charts for regions around the world on to your iPhone. It allows iPhone users to quickly call up the Wine Spectator's ratings of various vintages from various regions. The App is free and works on both the iPhone and the iPad. Vintage charts recognize that while the wines of one region may have gotten a boost from Mother Nature one year, they may have gotten backhand from her another year. These distinctions are particularly important for collectors and investors, but also for folks looking for the best value from wines produced from grapes grown in regions that more frequently experience vast differences in growing conditions from year to year.

Winerychannel The Winery Channel has been a long time supporter of FERMENTATION: The Daily Wine Blog. The website specializes, as you might imagine, in providing wine lovers with video presentations of all things wine, from vintner interviews to commentary on wines. They are approaching their 80th episode. TheWineryChannel.TV represents a great example of the kind of information and voices that would never be possible without the internet. While their production value is high and costs them to produce, their voice and approach to wine would likely not see the light of day were we still limited to video that only appeared on Television. WineryChannel.tv is a perfect example of the way wine information has changed over the years and of what wine lovers and the trade now have at their disposal.

Winescom Wines.com is a search engine that puts consumers in reach of thousands of wines sold across the country at retailers. By working with different retailers across the country, wines.com can introduce consumers to thousands of wine quickly and easily, pointing consumers to where they can be purchased. Such systems have, over the years, radically changed the way consumers access wines. In addition, Wines.com provides uses with access to blog content and video content. Importantly, Wines.com is also a big supporter of consumers rights and providing fair and equal access to the wine market. They are the quintessential consumer-oriented internet wine service.

Wineguerrilla Another long-time supporter of FERMENTATION: The Daily Wine Blog, Wine Guerrilla is the Sonoma County Zinfandel specialist. Currently producing seven different Zinfandels from Sonoma County, Wine Guerrilla counts five of those from single vineyards. We've tasted these wines and love them. We particularly love their searing focus on Zinfandel, a grape that perhaps gets its best expression in Sonoma County vineyards and particularly in its Old Vine vineyards such as Wine Guerrilla's Forchini and Coffaro vineyard zins, both of which reside in Dry Creek Valley. But just as important, Wine Guerrilla puts an emphasis on affordability.

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