The Terroirist Has Arrived

Terroirist It has been some time since I've highlighted a new wine blog that deserves our attention. I'm not sure what that means and I prefer not to contemplate the matter.

That said, go read TERROIRIST: A Daily Wine Blog.

It's new, it's good, it's smart, it's daily and it's on my "to read" list.

TERROIRIST is the creation of David White, a Washington, DC based writer and communications consultant who has an eye for the curious, the cultural, the political and the sweet delights of wine. Just as important, White can write! In fact, if you want an extended example of White's writing talents I highly recommend a story he wrote for the recent issue of The World of Fine Wine: "States of the Nation", an outstanding piece on the state of wine regulations and laws in the United States. It is superb.

The challenge that White has laid down for himself is of benefit to his readers, but truly a challenge that many a wine blogger has failed at:

"Some wine blogs offer value recommendations. Others seek out hidden gems or catalogue tasting notes of impossible-to-acquire bottles. Some cover politics, others examine different viticultural and vinicultural techniques. Many cover the wine industry. Just about all sit dormant for weeks at a time. was launched on November 9, 2010 to change all that – by covering everything, daily."

Daily blogging is hard. I can tell you that from experience. But, being a writer by profession, I have confidence that White will make a go of it. He'll be aided in this effort with the help of a crew of "Terroirists" who also write on the blog including Ainsley Adams—a graduate student and wine geek in Baltimore, Greg Golec—a project manager from Chicago, Kristin Redding—working at a creative consulting firm in Chicago, Andrew Feldson—A New York City-based wine geek, and Robbie Scrum—a colleague of David's at Keystone Communications in DC.

The content is spectacularly diverse and compelling at TERROIRIST. You'll find everything from a defense of Robert Parker and commentary on the FourLoko controversy to reviews of winery visits and round-ups of the news. Posts at TERROIRIST are not overly long. They are festooned with photos and they are generously linked. Again, all very, very good.

It makes me very happy when I can write posts about new and compelling wine blogs. Today I'm happy.


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  2. Viniculture_pl - November 20, 2010

    I’m soooo happy every time I see good word about wine writing. Especially, when it’s something more than just song of glory about me and my writing… I remember when Joe Roberts during interview with me said he doesn’t treat “wine writers” as a competitors but much more like “community”. Personally I believe it’s the best possible point of view. And you prooved that by writing this article;)
    Great job Tom! Now Terroirst is on my daily RSS checklist!

  3. Christoph Roeper - November 25, 2010

    Tks for your article. It’s very intresting for me from Germany, how US wine blogs act. I just started to check wine blogs and I thank you for very helpfull hint which can make my own site and new blog which will hopefully start before christmas better.

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