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Advertising on FERMENTATION: The Daily Wine Blog—
Simple, Smart, Affordable & Profitable.

Put your brand’s message in front of a highly motivated, well-educated, affluent, wine-centric audience for a price far below the industry average. FERMENTATION is one of the longest running and most celebrated wine blogs publishing today. Founded in 2004, we were named “Best Overall Wine Blog” and “Best Business Wine Blog” in 2012. We blog every day, every week, year after year always providing readers a reason to come back.

As of August 2012, FERMENTATION: The Daily Wine Blog attracts between 20,000 and 24,000 unique readers per month—making it among the best read wine blogs in the world.

• 75% Male
• 70% are aged 30 to 60
• 60% have an annual household income of $100,000 or more
• 40% of readers have a graduate degree. 85% have a college degree
• More than 50% of readers work in the wine or hospitality industries
(based on August 2012 online survey of readers)

• 48% drink wine daily; More than 90% drink wine twice a week or more
• 50% of readers have more than 100 bottles in their wine collection
• 45% of readers spend $20 or more on a bottle of wine on average
(based on August 2011 online survey of readers)

• $200 Per month for a Square Tile Ad (167 x167 pixels)—$10 CPM
• $350 per month for a Long Rectangular Ad (167 x 334 pixels) $17.50 CPM
• 20% Discount on six month commitments

• Wineries
• Wine Stores
• Online Retailers
• Wine Industry Service Suppliers
• Wine Industry Tech Companies
• Importers
• Wine Blogs & Wine Media Outlets
• Wine Industry Product Suppliers
• Accessories Providers
• Publishers

• California Wine Club
• Domenico Selections D’Italia
• Taste of Ohio Wines
• Inertia Beverage Group
• The Wine Skewer
• Gold Medal Wine Club
• NY Wine Salon
• Northwest Signature Wines
• The WineryChannel.TV
• My Wines Direct
• Lenne Estate
• Wine Tasting Network
• K&L Wine Merchants
• Wine Library TV
• Wine Guerrilla

Tom Wark, Publisher, FERMENTATION: The Daily Wine Blog
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (707) 266-1445

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  1. Tom VanGorder - May 30, 2012

    My name is Tom VanGorder and I used to run (@marketview), but have since moved on and am now working with a developer as their social engagement manager. I am still working with Marketview from a consulting standpoint and I am looking for some additional info on the above pricing for advertising. If you could please give me a call or send me an email at your convenience that would be appreciated. Thanks for your attention.
    Tom VanGorder

  2. GRIGOR GRIGORYAN - November 8, 2012

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  3. Loli - November 21, 2012

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