Headless Bodies Can Hurt A Wine Industry

Palmwine It occurred to me today that it's reasonable to claim that the American Wine Industry is better than the Ghanaian Palm Wine Industry.

I know this not because I've tasted extensively through Ghanan Palm wines and found them lacking in comparison to the grape-based wines from America. No. I've come to this conclusion because I'm sure I've never seen this kind of headline in America:


The article explains:

"The Breman Asikuma Police has intensified their investigations into the mysterious death of a 38-year old man, Kodwo Badu, also known as Ogayiwa, whose head was found at a Palm Wine industry."

I suppose my conclusion is based on the notion that the quality and character of an industry is not just based on the quality of the product, but also the conditions under which its production takes place. Headless bodies showing up at American wineries would, I think, severely diminish my estimation of this industry I work it, not to mention the safety of the industry.

And for those of you who are unaware, palm wine can be consumed in a variety of flavours varying from sweet unfermented to sour fermented and vinegary alcoholic drinks.


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