A Great Find In The Wine Blogging World

BywDifficult as it is to keep up with the new wine blogs that regularly come on the scene, I try. The most basic element I look for when evaluating a blog new to me is the level of commitment the author gives to their effort, something most easily measured by the frequency with which a new entry is posted. After this, I look for "voice". It's an issue of writing style. I favor writing and commentary that depicts an authentic and unique perspective. Finally, I look for evidence the author has a talent for identifying intriguing ideas, uncovering interesting subject matter and making connections between seemingly separate subject matter.

BLOG YOUR WINE is all these things and by far one of my favorite wine blog discoveries of 2011.

Written by Kris Chislett of Jacksonville, Florida, Blog Your Wine delivers a steady stream of personal observations, wine reviews, humor and news all filtered through what is clearly Kris' love of wine and learning about it. It helps that he is both a Certified Sommelier and Certified Specialist of Wine.

A Brit by birth, Kris has apparently spent a great deal of time working in the hospitality trade. That experience, combined with his social media skill, has put him in a position to consult for local restaurant and hospitality concerns, delivering social media expertise.

Blog Your Wine is the kind of wine blog you can easily return to day after day and find something new, something easy to read, something intriguing and even the occasional personal aside. It is, in this sense, a prototypical blog, yet it stands above the vast majority of wine blogs due clearly to Kris' commitment to keeping it current and the real love of wine and learning about wine that he puts on display.

Kris is moving into his second full year publishing Blog Your Wine. I hope he garners a much larger readership that inspires him to keep going through a second year and on in to his third and fourth year.


6 Responses

  1. Kris Chislett - October 25, 2011

    You made my day, Tom. Means more than you’ll ever know.

  2. Adam Bartoy - October 25, 2011

    I could not agree more. Kris is truly dedicated to making Blog Your Wine great.

  3. Polly Perot - October 25, 2011

    Yes indeed a very good find, thank you Tom.

  4. _KarenHenry - October 27, 2011

    Thanks, that’s a great read! I love the latest post on wine songs, very entertaining.

  5. Dan Thompson - November 1, 2011

    Tom – glad you connected with Kris. First met him in FL after leaving the Appellation America project. Hope your readers connect with him and hope you are well!

  6. Bill - November 8, 2011

    Good find. I looked at Kris’ blog and it looks like it’s going to be enjoyable. I love that the first post I saw was about sherry. I favor good sherry and port so that was right up my alley.

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