A Plan: How to Enjoy Wine and Keep a Newborn Alive

This is the second in a series of posts on “Our Little Project” 

newbornwineSo, you need to learn about wine. How hard can it be? This was the attitude I took to my first position in the wine industry at a PR firm devoted to the beverage. It’s a beverage. It’s fermented. They make it in a variety of different countries. People drink it and like it. How much can there be to learn.

Then I started opening the books.

Let me make a suggestion to anyone who has just decided to learn how to love wine by knowing wine: don’t go out and buy the book “The Super Duper Comprehensive Compendium of all the Wine Knowledge In the World”, by Nigel Nowitall. You’ll be covered in a cold wet blanket of information from which you’ll find it very difficult to remove yourself. There is just so much to know, the best approach is to find a nice simple easy-to-get-through introductory guide that will get you started.

I was reminded of this smart rule for acquiring knowledge as I decided to learn how not to kill a newborn, a task I and my gorgeous wife Kathy will embark upon in a bit over six months when Our Little Project arrives.

Like with wine years ago, I figured, how hard can it be? It’s a newborn. It eats, poops and sleeps. Hold it now and again. They are cute. How hard can it be? Then I started opening books. The big ones like “All That You Could Ever Know About Not Killing A Newborn,” by Samantha Smatiepaunts. The blanket got wet and heavy fast. I realized within 30 minutes after cracking the books that I probably don’t have the funds, ability, or knowledge that will be needed to care for Our Little Project. The sense of failure began to creep over me before we even named the Project.

Then I thought back to my first days in wine.

I took the book learning slow and augmented it with first hand experience. I read a little about the process of winemaking, then spent time with my winemaking clients. I read about Sonoma Chardonnay, then started tasting them. then, when I got a Petite Sirah producer as a client, I read up on that grape, then started tasting those rugged beasts. Turns out, by taking the info a little at a time and diving in to the real thing,  I eventually figured out a good deal about the beverage in all its facets.

I’m sort of hoping newborns a like Pinot Noir or Petite Sirah and that If I just read a little bit about them then jump in and start spending time with one, all will be well and Our Little Project won’t suffer for my lack of knowledge. If knowledge of newborns are like knowledge of wine, I’ll be OK.

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