My 10 Most Compelling Wine Blog Posts of 2013

top10 If you have even the most partial of sentimental bones in your body, you begin to reflect towards the end of the calendar year. And here we are. December. 2013. I got to thinking. What were the most compelling posts of the year on this blog? I looked the number of comments and the number of page views and the number of links to the  250-odd  blog posts that showed up here in 2013. Below are those that were, by this measure, the most “compelling” to readers.

As far as I can tell, there is little rhyme or reason.  We have 3 posts on “natural wine”. Two posts on marketing wine or vines. Three posts concerning the wine media. One post on Napa Valley. And two posts with numbers in the title. Go Figure.

Wild Yeast Fermentation: “There’s No Such Thing”

11 Things You Need To Know About Wine Criticism and the Wine Industry

Dispensing with the Unjustified Criticism of Big California Wines

Why Are Wine Wholesaler Middlemen Liars?

Unsubstantiated: Millennials, Wine and the Meme

10 Warnings for Visitors to Napa Valley

The Great and Influential Wine Blogger Confesses

Santa Rita Hills Wines: A Question of Integrity or Cynicism

Impressions of the Natural Wine Movement

Dirty Grimy Wine Marketing

Of these ten, my favorites are “Impressions of the Natural Wine Movement” and “Unsubstantiate: Millennials, Wine and the Meme”. They are excellent examples of both thoughtfulness and arrogance.

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  1. Charlie Olken - December 14, 2013

    Quite a collection of commentary. One might even call it a “body of work” or a “bundle of Wark”.

    Impressive, and believe me, in this era in which blogging is simply less interesting because most topics have been hashed over too many times. you have managed to have fresh things to say

    Well done.

  2. Mark Cochard - December 16, 2013

    The link to this post “The Great and Influential Wine Blogger Confesses” – comes up to an error

    • Mark Cochard - December 16, 2013

      Link is now working

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