Cider Review: Ace Joker Cider **/***

AceCiderLogoFounded in 1993, The California Cider Company—the parent of the Ace Cider Brand—is one of if not the largest cider companies on the West Coast. It is located in Sebastopol, California where it maintains a tasting room. Six different types of cider are produced under the Ace brand.


AceCiderJoker copyFruit: Apple Juice (Varieties unknown)

Production: Unknown (The second largest production type of cider made under the ACE brand

Price: $5.00/12 oz bottle

Rating: **/*** of 5

Quite a pale yellow in color and holding a consistent stream of bubbles for a good long time. Some mousse to speak of on pouring, which largely disappears quickly. The aroma here is driven by citrus notes…almost exclusively. There is however an interesting savory note on the nose that barely gets though the lemon. But it’s there and it follows through on the palate. This is relatively dry cider, but there is a hint of sugar. It is not nearly as sweet as many of the commercial ciders on the market however. It also carries more tannin than the average commercial brand. There is a distinct lack of impact on the middle palate. This is not rich or abundant cider. The flavors are, again, an amalgamation of citrus, with the slightest hint of yeast and bare hints of tart green apple. This would  be a good cider to pour over ice with foods flavored with Asian spices. It would accompany dry rub nicely too. I can’t say for sure, but this cider, while refreshing, does not have the qualities of being made with freshly pressed apples. Quite possibly made with concentrate.

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