Cider Review: Bonny Doon Scores With 3-Fruit Cider ****/5

querrylogoThose who know the history of Bonny Doon Vineyards and who appreciate the experimental, thoughtful and inquisitive nature of its founder Randall Grahm,won’t be surprised that a very interesting (and delicious) cider blend would be issued from that source. It’s also notable that a notable California winery has released a cider. Cider, as a category, is growing faster than beer, craft beer, distilled spirits and wine. I expect other wineries to take advantage of their fermentation expertise and start to release ciders alongside their wines.


querryFruit: 58% Pear, 33% Apple, 9% Quince

Production: 1,639 cases

Alcohol: 6.9%

Price: $16.00/750ml.

Rating: **** of 5

A darker golden hue suggests a richness. Bubbles of fairly large size remain behind after the pour. Delicate aroma of citrus, pear.and warm toast. The palate is citrusy. A slight note of sweetness wraps around the citrus, with more hints of pear and tart apple. A note of yeastiness layers the palate. A refreshing drink with little hint of alcohol and a moderately long finish. The sparkle diminishes after about 20 minutes in the glass. This is a delightful cider blend and unusual at that with the quince. The key to this cider’s appeal is not merely the interest blend of fruit but the lover balance that is held together with the right amount of acidity. Randall Grahm has given Cider (and wine) lovers something of a gift.

Bonny Doon Vineyards Sparkling Querry

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