Cider Review: Newton’s Folly Authentic Cider */**

newtonsfollylogoFirst, let me say that there are a variety of things that Trader Joe’s sells that I really like. That granola in the purple box, for example, is first-rate. I like those flatbreak pizza things too. However, “first-rate” is not the description I’m giving to the cider they sell. Still, I suppose the fact that Trader Joe’s does have their very own hard cider suggests something about the current market for cider in the United States.


newtonsfollyFruit: Probably apple, surely from concentrate

Production: Unknown

Alcohol: 5%

Price: $1/12 oz

Rating: */** of 5

Dark and caramel colored cider with good carbonation. The nose is decidedly dirty and muggy without the distinct tart apple one hopes for. There is no yeasty quality, nor even a note of alcohol. The palate is sweet first and foremost, with soft ripe red apple notes in the distant background. This is a one trick pony that possess little or no balance. It’s a sugar bomb. You’ll want to drink this over ice, very cold, in order to knock out the cloying character of the fruit. Bottled exclusively for Trader Joe’s by the makers of Woodchuck cider in Vermont. Disappointing, however it is worth every penny. (On a side note, while I clearly don’t recommend this cider, it would be very educational to try it alongside some better ciders if only to get a sense of the difference between balance and unbalanced)

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  1. Emily - October 7, 2014

    A bit sour for my tastes and I’m a big cider fan.

  2. Marnie - July 20, 2015

    For any faults it may have, its wonderful for slow cooking pork butts for pulled pork. 2 butts 3-4 lbs each, covered by 2 bottles, slow cooked without touching at 320° for 6 hrs and you’ve got tender heaps of flavor.

    • Marnie - July 20, 2015

      In a dutch oven….

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